Exactly what good third party exclusives did the Wii have?

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User Info: GameKing59

4 years ago#41
The Wii had PLENTY of third party exclusives.

2.Mushroom Men:The Spore Wars.
3.Fragile Dreams:Farewell Ruins of the Moon.
4.Disney Epic Mickey.
6.Lost in Shadow.
7.No More Heroes.
8.No More Heroes 2 Desparate Struggle.
9.Resident Evil:The Umbrella Chronicles.
10.Resident Evil:The Darkside Chronicles.
11.Deadly Creatures.
12.The Condtuit.
13.Conduit 2.
14.Red Steel 2.
16.Endless Ocean.
17.Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep.
18.The House of The Dead 2 & 3 Return.
19.Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked.
20.The Munchables.
21.Overlord: Dark Legend.
22.Soulcalibur Legends.

User Info: GameKing59

4 years ago#42
Here's another.

The Trauma Center Series.

User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#43
Ryan Si posted...
Xenoblade is a first-party game. Nintendo bought Monolith Soft before development of the game. The Last Story is also first-party as it was published by Nintendo everywhere except North America.

Now that I think about it, all my Wii games except 2 are Nintendo published games:

1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition
3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
4. Xenoblade Chronicles
5. The Last Story
6. Pikmin 2
7. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
8. Wii Sports Resort
9. Metroid: Other M
10. Bit. Trip Complete
11. Geometry Wars: Galaxies

The only other games I might eventually pick up for Wii are SMG2 and LoZ: SS...both Nintendo games.

I own all of these except 6, 10, and 11.
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User Info: TalesRevenant

4 years ago#44
It has tons of Third Party Exclusives, however 95% of them are horrible.

Based on what I have, trimming all my average and okay exclusives, the "good" would be.

The Last Story
No More Heroes 2
Muramasa: The Demon Blade

That's it. Pretty sad.
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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#45
zaakro posted...
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
zaakro posted...
sentoworf posted...
zaakro posted...

Sin & Punishment

That one is also first party.

Treasure is not first party

Sin and Punishment is.

S&P was created by Treasure and the game is co-developed/ published by Nintendo. This doesn't make it a first party game. That is like saying that Bayonetta 2 is first party.

I was pointing out that the IP is first party though it is developed by Treasure. It's the same thing as Pokemon.
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User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#46
sonicsonic posted...
How can so many people like Dawn of the New World !??? It was terrible.

I love my Tales of games and JRPG's. But...

"Courage is the magic that can turn dreams into a reality"

Emil and Marta are the worst leads ever!

Because even the worst Tales game (not counting TotT) is still a good game.

I didnt like the story but Emil was fun as hell to play as.
Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid are some of the finest 2D games ever made and are the best in the series.
Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.

User Info: Board_hunter567

4 years ago#47
The /v/'s Recommends Games wiki has a pretty good list (including WiiWare and VC titles).
Mixes a lot of first party, multiplat, and region specific games though (and games most people probably won't actually like).

User Info: senelcoolidge_

4 years ago#48
Here is a list of my favourite third party (exclusive? [besides DS]) games on the Wii:

A Boy and His Blob
Arc Rise Fantasia
Batman The Brave and the Bold
Centipede Infestation
Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth
Contra Rebirth
Cursed Mountain
Dragon Quest Swords
Epic Mickey
Klonoa (counting this)
The Last Story
Muramasa (i understand the vita port/upgrade)
Pandora's Tower
Sonic Colors
Soul Calibur Legends
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
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