Am I the only person completely satisfied with Wii U?

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User Info: LinktoDrink

4 years ago#1
I mean for one thing, I don't know why this board is SO FULL of haters that just want to make Wii U owners feel bad. Why is there so much hate in your hearts that this is how you get enjoyment? You spend all this time on a system board so that you can say it sucks and Nintendo is a failure? Why?

I picked up my Wii U on launch day and have been completely blown away every step. I mean that sincerely. The Miiverse has completely changed the way I play games. I really LOVE being able to post a screenshot of where I am in the game and have random people "Yeah" it and make comments, and vice versa. I hear Nintendo is really harsh with moderating, but I haven't had any of my posts deleted because I'm posting there to have fun, not arguments.

We've got this great launch lineup that truly gives more quality games than any other launch before, but it's hampered because a lot of the best titles are ports of games we've already played. I went with the typical launch games of Mario, Nintendoland, and ZombiU because I've already played the ports. I also bought all the eShop games and eagerly awaited new releases..; and yes, I bought The Cave as soon as it was available.

ZombiU, while it has its flaws that everyone has harped about, is still revolutionary in my eyes. The way they use the GamePad just blew my mind when I started. I remember hearing the narrator dude's voice coming from my tv speakers, and not being able to hear him very well over the music. He was ordering me to pick something up, so I made the best of it an went to get the item, right? Well when I picked up this item, suddenly his voice was coming out of the controller!

Obviously the Wii had a speaker on the controller too, but I never experienced something like this, where the item the character is holding is a representative of my controller. It's like I'm holding the gadget in the game. I just love that so much. And then holding the left trigger and moving the controller around in real space to scan the environment while the character on screen mimics my movements was just another great level of immersion. This is nothing like the Wii's annoying waggle crap.

Judging from the demo, Rayman Legends is going to be a legendary game. That is the next thing we're all waiting for with bated breath.

I just want to ask you haters something. Do you judge every bit of entertainment based on how it sells? Do you only see the #1 movies or play the yearly Call of Duty update? The Wii U has sold less than they expected, but does that really say anything about its quality in your mind?

I say it has more to do with 2 main things. 1. The price for the Deluxe Edition is $100 greater than Wii was at launch -- stores show that the Basic Edition is not selling at all, which shows that people don't want that version -- which takes out people with smaller budgets for the time being.

2. Nintendo did not do enough to make casual fans realize that this is a brand new system. Many people think it's just a controller, akin to Kinect with Xbox 360; I have witnessed this firsthand when I've mentioned to friends how much I like my Wii U.

But to these main points, it says absolutely nothing about the quality of the system itself. And while it's not printing money the way Wii did, it's still very profitable: Nintendo has a much larger profit margin with Wii U than with Wii.

Anyways, my point is that I really do love this system, and I say that as someone who never wanted a Gamecube and completely hated Wii. I'm actually now considering going full Nintendo for the next generation rather than buying the Sony and Microsoft systems as well, as I usually do. I kind of want to get full into the Nintendo ecosystem and experience everything to do with it.

tl;dr Wii U is great.

User Info: b1gt0ne

4 years ago#2
tl;dr, but you're not alone. I love our WiiU and am going to pick up 3 new games today.

User Info: Wiiplayer111

4 years ago#3
Yeah its fun. And I havn't had any technical problems. Its what you'd ask for from a video game console.
Look a you.... sticking to the plan.

User Info: WaLuigiTails

4 years ago#4
After March 19th Im set til december
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User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#5
I'm just clearing up delusions, I don't have any hate towards it, it's just a pathetic console and full of flaws and it annoying me when people spread bs. It's also funny how delusional these people are lol, thinking wiiU can magically be on par with next gen consoles lol.

User Info: manji

4 years ago#6
i am indeed completely satisfied. more games in the near and long term future and tweaks to the systems os is all i want and all i can ask for. the wii u is gonna be a good place to play games.

User Info: SychinLegacy

4 years ago#7
I love my wii u. Completely satisfied by it. The trolls are just a very vocal minority

User Info: EastCoastKody

4 years ago#8
ur definately not alone.

Its just that this infested. U can't reason with trolls. Logic doesn't work on them.

I've had several theories as to why the trolls have really jumped on attacking Wii U and its owners.

My latest thought is that they are just angry that the next gen has begun. They probably were hoping they had more time to catch up on all the last gen games.

With Nintendo pushing out the Wii U so all but forces Sony & Microsoft to crank out there systems that much quicker. Especially since we saw that during Black Friday SO MANY ppl bought the 360/PS3's with all the good deals they had. They sold millions of consoles (which there fanboys love to point out). But all I see is millions of ppl who won't be buying the next PS4/720 @ launch....since they just got the last gen console a year prior.

I haven't paid much attention to Nintendo in the last years. So I wasn't aware of all this hatred towards them. As I mostly played PS3 and I'm not a troll.

I've had a Wii U since launch. Love it. Granted a part of me just wanted a new console. As its been 6 yrs since we've had anything new. I'm super happy with my purchase. I actually ended up buying a 2nd Wii U, for my niece/nephew.

Everyone that has come over and played it.........loves it too. So I know its not just me that thinks Nintendo Land is awesome. I have only played the demo of Zombii U, but even that short section u get to play is highly immersive. And its a legit survival horror game....which I haven't seen in awhile. Its what resident evil SHOULD be.
"Just cause someone trolls something doesn't mean they dislike it. I've wanted a Wii U since it was announced." -- lazycomplife

User Info: LinktoDrink

4 years ago#9
DemonDog666 posted...
I'm just clearing up delusions, I don't have any hate towards it, it's just a pathetic console and full of flaws and it annoying me when people spread bs. It's also funny how delusional these people are lol, thinking wiiU can magically be on par with next gen consoles lol.

How is it pathetic and full of flaws? Do you actually have one? No, obviously not.

User Info: Dark_Abaddon

4 years ago#10
WaLuigiTails posted...
After March 19th Im set til december


temporary game drought is my only concern... and I bought the console at launch knowing full well a game drought would happen.
and thus concludes my post.
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