Sensor Bar Communications Discovery

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User Info: CaioNV

4 years ago#11
Pretty old.
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User Info: PeachToadstool

4 years ago#12
mjc0961 posted...
Yep, the sensor bar isn't an input device. It's just a bunch of LEDs that the Wii Remote can see. The Wii Remote uses these lights to tell where it's pointing and then IT sends the data back to the console. The sensor bar just plugs into the console so it's getting power.

Also, this is why whenever anyone tells you anything about moving the sensor bar as a response to complaints about the motion controls not working, they are an idiot who has no idea what they're talking about and should not be listened to. The sensor bar is just reference points for the pointer functionality of the Wii Remote, it has absolutely nothing to do with motion sensing. That's all done by the accelerometers and gryoscope (if using WM+) in the controller itself.

I never actually studied the sensor bar technology and somehow thought for years that the infrared light was coming from the Wii Remote rather than the sensor bar, probably considering previous technologies. Big blunder on my part, I guess, but still out of innocence.
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User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
4 years ago#13
If you want to do a quick test to verify what everyone in this topic has been saying, point a camera at the sensor bar while it's powered on and you can see the infrared lights. You should see 5 on each side so it looks something like this:

The pattern of lights is what allows it to pick up on orientation as well. It can use a point from the left and a point from the right to figure out the position of the remote and where you're pointing it (that's why people can get the pointer to work with 2 candles) but the extra points allow it to also tell if it's tilted so you can rotate the cursor on the screen.

edit: I can see where the confusion might come from, by the way. We keep calling it a remote. The shape of the controller was specifically chosen to remind people of the remotes for their TV and other devices. And those remotes all emit rapidly blinking sequences of infrared light that a detector on the device picks up on and interprets as a command if the sequence follows the correct pattern that the device has been programmed to accept. That's not how the Wii remote transmits data though. It actually uses Bluetooth wireless technology.
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User Info: PeachToadstool

4 years ago#14
Muljo - Yep. The television remote concept is part of why I had the misconception from the very start.
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User Info: GEKGanon

4 years ago#15
Yeah, sorry to break your discovery TC, but the "sensor bar" isn't actually a sensor at all. The infrared cameras are in the end of the Wiimote, not in the bar.
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