So I think ive figured out why so many Nintendo fans hate Sony.

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User Info: DarkMasterShake

4 years ago#81
DarkMasterShake posted...
Oni_Taedo posted...

Much better games. I would take TvC and a competent port of Guilty Gear over that trash that is BlazBlue, Tekken 6, SFXT, or MvC3 (UMvC3 was good, though).

And real gamers play racing games, shmups, platformers, and fighting games. Since the Saturn had the best ports of X-Men vs. Street Fighter, CotA, SFII, SFAlpha, and MvC1, on top of Virtua Fighter, and the best port of MK3, it was the console real gamers had. Anyone who owned a PS1 probably wanted it for Final Fantasy, or later in it's life, Chrono Cross. And JRPGs aren't games at all. They're movies. I'd like to say they're interactive novels, but they're not interactive in the slightest. You have no interaction with anything, everything is predetermined.

Real gamers play games that challenge them, to live for competition and to strive for excellence, that is what it means to be a real gamer. One cannot be challenged by an RPG, unless they have no idea how to manage items and magic.

Did I ever say the PS2 wasn't any good?
No, the PS2 had phenomenal games.
It had the Sly Cooper series, Ratchet and Clank, Okami, God Hand, Shadow of the Colossus (a game I can't stand, but it's still really good), and a ton of other great games.

The gamecube had Custom Robo, SSBM, the second greatest fighting game of all time, Viewtiful Joe running at 60 fps, Sonic Adventure 2, and whole slew more. Both were good consoles, but the Gamecube was just better. It had the best versions of multiplatform games (if a game is great on the PS2, but then plays just as well, and looks better on another console, that's a pretty sweet plus. All the PoP games, BGaE, DBZ Budokai, etc), and in some cases, games like RE4, and Viewtiful Joe actually RAN better (VJ on the GCN was a solid 60 fps, while the PS2 version was 30 fps), hell SC II was best on the cube as well, ran smoother, and the textures looked much better.

I actually have never even owned a Gamecube. I have a crapton of GCN games, but I never played them until after the Wii came out.

I've played all those fighters you mentioned. No way in hell TvC is worth losing all of those. No way in hell.It's a good game but not the best by far.

Real gamers can play any genre of game, and JRPG is a real genre of video games. I don't even see how you can call yourself a gamer and claim:

1.Saturn was the console "real" gamers had, you sound like an idiot.

2.RPG aren't games at all, and everything is pre determined, its obvious you have never played an RPG in your life, and possibly a PS1. SINCE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW AN RPG WORKS ON A BASIC LEVEL, I'm done with you. That is probably the most stupid thing I have ever heard on gamefaqs. Wow. I'm not even gonna try and dispute your GameCube logic.

I loved GCN btw
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User Info: Umitencho

4 years ago#82
And so the genre bashing begins.
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