So which of the 3 online communities do you dislike most ^_^

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User Info: ThaPrinceRaziel

4 years ago#11
PlayStation Network is the best out of that list though. Miiverse still needs a lot of work. And mods need to lighten up a bit.
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User Info: Garfield64

4 years ago#12
ThaPrinceRaziel posted...
PlayStation Network is the best out of that list though. Miiverse still needs a lot of work. And mods need to lighten up a bit.

I personally LOVE MiiVerse. Play the mod game. Go around and mod random things for fun. It's not hard to find any excuse =). You can wipe out entire communities.
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User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#13
Garfield64 posted...
If you people don't like the forums why use them?

For trolling.

User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#14
Have to go for Playstation Network for sure. I don't get modded too much on Miiverse and what you have to understand is that they seem to automatically remove your post if anyone reports you. Tell them you didn't break the rules and then an actual human looks at it and probably restores your post since it probably didn't break the rules. As for Xbox Live, I've rarely been threatened by children or any of that stuff, but of course, I don't just sit around and play Call of Duty all the time on it. All the games I do play on it mostly have people not using their mics at all, and the rare times when someone does, they're either talking with another friend in the game or being a nice player rather than talking trash. Same with PSN, most people aren't talking at all and the few that are are usually not dicks.

The problems I have with PSN are the gamesharers, the scammers, and the "trolls" in games online. The gamesharers are obnoxious, especially for me as I've written a few guides for downloadable items (DLC for retail games or just small PSN games in general) on other websites. Cheap bastards see them and think "HEY I SHOULD MESSAGE THIS GUY AND ASK IF HE WILL LET ME DOWNLOAD HIS STUFF FOR FREE!" No I'm not giving you access to my account so you can take stuff I paid for, piss off. And then the scammers... How stupid are people to fall for these "forward this message to 50 people on your friends list and kevin butler will give you a $20 PSN card" scams?! It's bad enough when you get these from randoms, but I've had to kick people off my friends list for sending me that s***. And the trolls in the games... You know how on Xbox Live, if someone is being a dick in a game? For example, if they're teamkilling in a co-op match? You can go to their profile and there's an option for "Avoid this player". You say why and then Xbox Live will do its best not to match you up with that person anymore. But PSN doesn't have that. There was one time I was trying to do co-op in Red Dead Redemption on PS3 but couldn't because the same teamkiller kept getting added to the game no matter how many times I quit out and found a new match. Sony really needs to fix that nonsense.
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User Info: Discomaster

4 years ago#15
I didn't even know PSN had a community... What is it, Home? I never use that...

User Info: saduff

4 years ago#16
Mii verse is so far the best. Because the mods squash negative behavior. People cannot moderate themselves. Mii verse isn't a generic forum is is specific to Nintendo. If you don't like it and want to complain you should just go eleswhere.
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User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#17
saduff posted...
People cannot moderate themselves.
You can report almost any post and it'll be taken down within the hour. It doesn't even have to be a legit report. It seems like the mods don't even care to check, as long as somebody deems it bad, the stuff is taken down.

User Info: Kiro_nami

4 years ago#18
b1gt0ne posted...
GameFAQs is like a car crash - you know it's horrible but you just can't turn away.

User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#19
b1gt0ne posted...
"I think there will be a price drop at the latest by E3. I'd even bet my account on it." Icecreamdunwich on the Wii U

User Info: LinktoDrink

4 years ago#20
Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX posted...
xbox live was once very fun and ppl talked and was cool to make friends. Now its just silent and bascially boring and the ocassional person with a mic you try to talk to will just be like "why do I have to talk" lol. I miss the original live on the first original xbox.

Yeah I hate it. Ever since they introduced private parties, games have gone silent. How are you supposed to talk and make new friends if you're always in private chats with people you already know?
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