Comparing Sakurai to Miyamoto.

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User Info: DMZapp

4 years ago#31
wiiking96 posted...
DMZapp posted...
I believe what really happened was that not a lot of people made a point to bring up the story in question 4, and Intelligent Systems exaggerated the results to skim blame and avoid being called cowards for not standing up to Miyamoto for what they believed in.

I'm not sure what you mean by this exactly? Can you elaborate further?

Alrighty then. What I mean is, in question 4 of the post play survey, one can say what they liked about the game. It's possible that for all the good things people said about SPM, it just slipped the minds of the players who did like the story or just found it OK in a good way to type that very thing in, since they probably assumed that they didn't need to make a point to bring it up, Paper Mario being the RPG extension of the Mario series and all, and assuming the series would always have detailed stories, or at least always have the factors that make things feel like Paper Mario, even if the consumer couldn't name one of the factors responsible.

Or, in other words- IS probably counted the people who didn't say anything good about the story in questions 4 as "not being interested in the story", even if they didn't say anything bad in question 5 either.

QUESTION 4: I liked the flipping and hurting enemies.
QUESTION 5: The story was AWWWful for so and so reasons, Chapter 2-3 took too long, my butt hurts

IS's assessment: He wasn't interested in the story.

QUESTION 4: The flippin' was coo', and the levels weh' coola!
QUESTION 5: What wit' 5-1's long password, Nintenda playas?

IS assessment: He didn't make any specific mention of the story in either question 4 or 5, so we'll count him as "not interested in the story."

It's a creative, yet deceitful way to make the results seem like they ended up looking. It's a theory, though, so..yeah.
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User Info: Kisai

4 years ago#32
I was going to say, "Is like comparing Christopher Nolan to Steven Speilberg" in that one has been in the business much longer and the other is a younger, up-and-coming designer.

Then I remembered that the Nintendo was released around '83 and that's when Miyamoto would've gotten his start, and Kirby's Dream Land was released in '93, ten years after the Nintendo, so Miyamoto and Sakurai would have gotten their start 20-30 years ago. ;_; So one's not that much younger and newer than the other at this point...

User Info: pokemega32

4 years ago#33
Kisai posted...
Then I remembered that the Nintendo was released around '83 and that's when Miyamoto would've gotten his start,

...please do some research.
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