Installing games to a hard drive

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User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
4 years ago#11
Console gaming. You put the game in the system and it runs. No installation or setup required. That's supposed to be one of the perks of console gaming versus PC gaming.

Of course, nowadays we have download-only games on consoles and I suppose that kind of confuses the issue...

Speaking of which, Wii U does have download versions of retail games. (Is it all of them or just certain ones? I haven't really looked into that yet.) If you buy a game that way you are installing a game instead of running it from the disc. Granted, you're picking one or the other there. You don't get both options with one purchase.
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User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#12
You complain about loud systems?
You have never been in the same room as a Dreamcast then.
Loud as a jet engine.
Which we didn't care about once the game started.
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