Did New Super Mario Bros. U effectively f*** up Nintendo's plans?

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User Info: adampeltz

4 years ago#31
The_Shadow_Link posted...
Pah, all this nonsense about Attach Rate and what not.

U has only sold around 10 to 20% of what Wii did in the same time frame. Wii was well beyond 10 Million Copies at this time, there's a massive 8 Million less sales for it. And since both games are considered System Sellers don't say there isn't enough games for the console as an excuse. Most people got a Wii and Only bought New Super Mario Bros Wii on it ever. That was the only game they ever played. The same can easily be said for U, espicially with it's large "Attach Rate" you guys keep talking about.

So, it's fair to see that if Nintendo's Plan was to release a 2D Mario Platformer on both of their new consoles and make 10 Million, or even 5 Million quick sales in under 2 months then it's fair to say Nintendo's Plan Failed. Probably because of Oversaturation and most people not being idiots and noticing the fairly minimal amount of differences between the games.

Nintendo should just try to get Animal Crossing out worldwide now, considering how insanely well the game is selling over in Japan, and would probably do very well over hear as well.

Yea, but you're comparing a game that was released to an already existing install base of 40+ million Wii owners, versus a launch game on a console which now has an approximate install base of approximately 3+ million Wii U owners.

It's apples to oranges.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#32
NSMB games were never system sellers. They're must-haves that a gigantic part of the consumer base will pick up at some point.
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User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#33
poo111111111111 posted...
I can see NSMBU being a long term seller myself. Like the others in the series were.

That is what it will do. It may not be the record breaker like other titles on launch, but it will surpass its prequels ten-fold before a new one is announced.

Also, it came directly after that horrible excuse for a game, NSMB2, so I imagine people are initially wary.
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User Info: xenosaga123

4 years ago#34
Nintendo is so foolish that they didn't bother to make Peach and Daisy playable and reinvent the story concept into something better than just plumbers and toads again.

add to that the controller compatibility issues for co-op and no online co-op in this day and age.
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