Bayonetta 2 to sell 10 million!

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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#61
1. They need to be sure there are at least 10 millions Wii U owner
2. They need to be sure among all those Wii U owner, there are at least 10 millions people who want to buy Bayonetta 2(or fan of Bayonetta).
3. They need to be sure among people who want to buy Bayonetta 2, there are at least 10 millions people who ACTUALLY buy Bayonetta 2.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#62
king_madden posted...
So how was Bayonetta? I remember playing a demo and wasnt overly impressed, if im not mistaken the game didnt sell all that well, somewhere around 1 million across all consoles? how could a game that sold so little be looked upon as a system seller now?

Best technical action game of the generation, along with Ninja Gaiden 2 (depending on your preference). Generally, most DMC fans consider Bayonetta superior to any DMC game and a logical evolution of DMC-style combat.
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User Info: trenken

4 years ago#63
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
trenken posted...
There are some big time AAA franchises that dont sell 10 million. I think Metroid Prime 3 didnt even make it to 2 mil worldwide, and you somehow think a franchise that so few people know or care about can make it to 10? Its not possible. Its not possible for it to sell half that.

Halo games sell around 8 mil, and Bayonetta is not even remotely close to as popular or beloved as Halo. And thats on a system thats in what, 70 million homes? Come on now.

Halo sold around 42 million copies.

Where the hell you get 8 million from?

Per game. Im not talking about the entire franchise. The Halo games sell around 8 mil now.
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
4 years ago#64
The game will fail as much as the 1st one did. There was a reason it never received a sequel until now you know, and that's because it wasn't popular.
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User Info: 5orrow

4 years ago#65
hahahaha.. no.
(omg, Dragons Dogma all over again)
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User Info: NoelXYeul

4 years ago#66
Somebody tell Marty to stop using the DeLorean before he really messes up the space-time continuum.
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User Info: tgoldberg

4 years ago#67
10 million? Yeah right. In order for that to be even close to possible, Wii U would have to have sold more than 10 million by the time it's released, and then almost everyone in the world who owns one would have to buy a copy of this game. Needless to say, that's a far-fetched scenario.

I'll consider this game a success if it sells even 1/5th of what you're predicting.
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User Info: Atralis

4 years ago#68
nonexistinghero posted...
DarkAdonis123 posted...
>Says Bayonetta 2 will sell 10 million

>3 million Wii U consoles have been shipped

I'm talking about lifetime sales. Game won't release till the end of this year anyway.

Even still what indications aren there that Bayonetta can sell those numbers. Final Fantasy can't put up those numbers anymore. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and many other "hugely popular" series can't put up those kind of numbers but you think Bayonetta will? On a system with a miniscule install base no less?

To put things in perspective lets look at Call of Duty 2. It was THE huge hit at the 360 launch. It established the brand in such a big way that down the road a bit every CoD that comes out is getting around 20 million sales. Call of Duty 2 sold about 2 million copies in its first two years out. Why so few? It was a launch game!
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User Info: R_Champ

4 years ago#69
Welllll....if fans were actually fans and not just Sony/Microsoft fans that only like it when it's on "their" system, then it could sell close to 2 million easy.

My advice:

Buy a WiiU and play it


Forget it and stop whining. Every console has good exclusives.

Reminds me of the whining babies on the MH3U board always making topics like "wah wah I don't want to buy a console for one gamez!!1" Do you really want to admit that Bayonetta fans are as bad as hardcore MH fans? I hope not, because that's a low for humanity.

User Info: 40Dribylf

4 years ago#70
toad133 posted...
Ryan Si posted...
greatone101 posted...
It wont even sell 500k.

the first game only sold 1.06 mil on ps3 and 800k on Xbox 360 plus there were plenty of advertising for it. If you really think Bayonetta 2 will sell more than a mil on the Wii U you are nothing but delusional.

Bayonetta will just end up being a failure in sales proving to third parties that their games wont sell well on Nintendo systems.

I agree. Smaller market and exclusive to casual-designed console even the non-gamers who bought up Wiis are confused about.

Sad, delusional fanboys. I'll be generous though and say the game could reach 1 million sales, but I'm not even convinced of that. 10 million, lol.

What you have to remember is that Nintendo's marketing force is huge, and they're going to really push Bayonetta 2. Games like Tales of Symphonia, Dragon Quest and Professor Layton did well because Nintendo heavily advertised them, which is what they will do for Bayonetta 2 as well.

Why hasn't anyone counteracted this yet?

That means absolutely nothing. Bayonetta had advertising like crazy, and it couldn't even break 2 million across two consoles that sold 100 million combined.

Less than 2% of HD console owners bought Bayonetta new.

The Wii U will barely sell 10 million this year, so I'd be surprised if it broke 500k.
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