Bayonetta 2 to sell 10 million!

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User Info: Nyyark

4 years ago#71
1 million would be pretty amazing for it, considering how many Wii U owners there are.

User Info: OmegaFujin13

4 years ago#72
Did I really see some troll say a sequel can't or won't do better than its predecessor? Let not forget Street Fighter 2, Smash Bros Melee, Halo 2, Modern Warefare 2 etc just to name a few. Troll logic.

Bayonetta came out so long ago that its bound to have a free start. That def doesn't mean 10 mil, but the people says less than 1 mil are just as diluted as the 10 mil guy.

User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#73
R_Champ posted...
Welllll....if fans were actually fans and not just Sony/Microsoft fans that only like it when it's on "their" system, then it could sell close to 2 million easy.

My advice:

Buy a WiiU and play it


Forget it and stop whining. Every console has good exclusives.

Reminds me of the whining babies on the MH3U board always making topics like "wah wah I don't want to buy a console for one gamez!!1" Do you really want to admit that Bayonetta fans are as bad as hardcore MH fans? I hope not, because that's a low for humanity.

doesnt look to be a system seller. a single player game I dont believe it was known for having a long story, or cant put down online modes, if it had any. it seems to be described as an awesome single player game. Most games in that mold or usually less than 8 hours long, with not much of an online experience, which isnt much of a system seller.

User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#74
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
trenken posted...
There are some big time AAA franchises that dont sell 10 million. I think Metroid Prime 3 didnt even make it to 2 mil worldwide, and you somehow think a franchise that so few people know or care about can make it to 10? Its not possible. Its not possible for it to sell half that.

Halo games sell around 8 mil, and Bayonetta is not even remotely close to as popular or beloved as Halo. And thats on a system thats in what, 70 million homes? Come on now.

Halo sold around 42 million copies.

Where the hell you get 8 million from?

Haha xbox fanboi alert

User Info: fedor-machine

4 years ago#75
it wono't even reach 600K sales probably in my opinion.
50% fans of Bayonetta are still on PS3, 30% still on Xbox 360.
the rest of the 20% fans are moving to Wii U, but meh, PS3 stil hve the Bayonetta fans more.

this game won't even reach 500K sale at most.
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