Nintendo fans: Do you have more respect for Sony or Microsoft as a competitor?

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User Info: BoomerTheGreat

4 years ago#71
PedroMontana posted...
BoomerTheGreat posted...
I cant believe GFAQS has so many Sony fans... I will go MS all the way. The only exclusives Sony has is JRPGs with children as the main characters

Well, many people on gamefaqs like these games.
Many people also like FPS/TPS, but outside of Halo most games in that genre are multiplatform, and many FPS fans don't respect any console manufacturer as they are PC fans.


While people often claim to hate arrogant people, in realty having too much self confidence is usually better then having too little.

A lack of self confidence seems to be the main problem with many japanese developers nowadays.

and had their network HACKED...The online community is huge on MS

The hack was relevant for what, a month or two?
Most people don't see any benefits from a larger online community.

and they play 3rd parties the best...

Most people are not all that concerned with marginal graphics differences that usually demand a side-by-side comparison to be visible.

Also, a lot of the respect for Sony likely doesn't come from the current generation, but from the PS1 and the PS2, the system with the best library ever, by a landslide.

The hack of PSN was the talk of the year and it lasted 3-4 months i think. The arrogance of Sony has trickled down to their fans in which Sony fanboys ARE the worst and GFAQS has proved this. The size of online communities matter a lot clearly because almost every Sony fanboys troll the Wii U saying "derr derr Wii U sold 1.9 mil" even though it has been reported 3.1 shipped in January. The 3rd party difference is choppy gameplay and slower online which also is something Sony fanboys bring up a bunch. Also I disagree that PS2 had the best library ever.
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User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#72
I respect Microsoft more than Sony due to their way of offering a different gaming experience (whether they are good or bad), Sony on the otherhand I had less respect for probably due to the fact that pretty much most of what they do are carbon copies either Nintendo or other's ideas though I do respect them for their strong third party library.

User Info: AngryBlueOrange

4 years ago#73
I respect MS more because it is a DIFFERENT approach. Sony seems to just copy everyone else.
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User Info: teamaquashock

4 years ago#74
dennis941012 posted...
From: FlyinTonite | #003
Sony has good exclusives, so I can respect them for having plenty of different types of games to play. 360 has no real exclusives outside of halo, gears and forza.
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User Info: trollhunter2

4 years ago#75
Nintedo+Sony exclusive= perfection and happy gamer
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