Do you still plan on getting Rayman Legends

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User Info: kissdadookie

4 years ago#51
lazycomplife posted...
kissdadookie posted...
lazycomplife posted...
There will be much better games out by september for wii u.

Ubisoft really blew it by delaying the game. It would have sold a lot more if they released it while the system didn't have enough games for it.

Seriously, like what?

Like everything they're going to announce at E3.

Which is basically not much. We would be lucky if Pikmin releases by September. So from now until September, we essentially have Pikmin, 101, and Lego City, if we are lucky, Bayonetta. That's 4 games to be out from now until September and that's being extremely optimistic here. So again, where are all these much better games? There's not that many of them to buy to be honest, thus I don't see how it will impact sales of Legends in September (especially considering that Legends wouldn't have sold that well on the Wii U to begin with even if it was being released this month on the Wii U),

User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#52
Being pissed about the delay is understandable. Being pissed because they want to make as much money as they can is stupid. I will be buying Rayman Legends still.
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User Info: XD375

4 years ago#53
Yes, but not on Wii U.

User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#54
kissdadookie posted...
Dark_Link92 posted...
In Mario, you can make 5 platforms and once a level touch a block to give people a few extra lives. Besides being able to do anything in Rayman you can do with Mario (Lifting, attacking each other, etc), Murphy can collect lums, freeze enemies, pull coins towards you, remove scenery, and loads of other stuff. Its better implemented than Mario has ever done, with animations and sounds specifically for it, rather than just having a second cursor or a lazy block-placing mechanic.

Yes, and all those things you've mentioned doesn't really add any immersion. All it does is putting the GamePad user in the role of a helper sidekick. It doesn't change the dynamics of the game. If anything, it actually makes the game easier. Which is completely counter to the person a few posts above was claiming. That person claimed that NSMB co-op was some throwaway casual thing, but NSMB co-op is far more immersive and changes the dynamics of the game dramatically. In NSMB you can be cooperative with each other or you can completely try to sabotage other players. That's why in the NSMB games, the more people you have the more incredibly fun chaos you can get going. With NSMBU, even the GamePad player can join in the fun of either playing the angel or the devil making the game a cakewalk for other players or creating an obstacle for other players. With Rayman Legend's co-op, the GamePad player only has one role, and that is the role of a negligible helper (remember, Rayman's greatest achievement is just how crazy hard it is to collect the lums due to level design, you add in the aspect of the GamePad player being able to collect the lums for the controller character, you've essentially just made the game a whole lot easier).

Remember, NSMB you do not only of 2-player co-op, you essentially have 5-player co-op. Completely changes the dynamics of the game in a real significant way. On Rayman Legends, they allow some extra controls and mechanics but none of them ever feels substantial, it's just like the GamePad portions in Legends, they are interesting but do not feel substantial and if anything, hinders the flow of the game. Points to Ubisoft for being creative but that creativity really hasn't paid off much in terms of providing significant gains in enjoyment out of the game.

I feel the complete opposite. I find NSMBU's gamepad mode tacked on and pointless. I had a lot of fun with Rayman's, especially when screwing over my sister (something you claim you can't do, by the way). Things like moving platforms from under her, cutting the ropes on the spikey pillars on top of her, and stopping tickling the enemies so they attacked her. It was fun, and unlike Mario, there are no lives, so you aren't seriously penalised for messing about.
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User Info: dark trunks

dark trunks
4 years ago#55
Yes, and I'll get it for the Wii U. The demo looked and played incredible, I don't see it being any better on the other consoles, and I'd sooner have the experience on the Wii U as it was previously intended to be.
"If you've got yourself a dream, work hard, believe in yourself because I know dreams can come true."- Dennis DeYoung 1997
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