WiiU - Am I The Only One Who Remembers This?

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User Info: riboflav

4 years ago#1
Before it came out, there was a preview video for the WiiU showing someone put a plastic toy heart on top of the Wiiu gamepad and the person was awarded more health in a game. Has this functionality ever been followed up on? It looked similar to how a Skylanders Portal works. Does anyone else remember this???

User Info: MooglePeru

4 years ago#2
That was for Rayman Le---

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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#3
The NFC? Yeah Nintendo said they were gonna release some uses for it by the end of this year. Probably won't be implemented in a practical way for a long while though.
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User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#4
Apparently, it was only supposed to be a tech demo at the time.

Although Nintendo came out yesterday and said there would be an update coming for that functionality later in the year.
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