Is Monster Hunter Ultimate and ZombiU going multiplatform?

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User Info: Brandy1977

4 years ago#21
Bahamut_10th posted...
Nintendo guarantees MH exclusivity for itself because they know how well MH sells in Japan. Look at what it did to the 3DS...

Zombie U was made with the gamepad's functionality in mind.
If they can somehow work around that, and I really think the chance is slim, it could go multiplatform.

Is there a link to where Nintendo announced they guarantee MH exclusivity?

User Info: sjc1279

4 years ago#22
Monster Hunter Tri HD is already on the PS3, but only for japan. I don't think PS3 is getting Monster Hunter.

User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#23
teamaquashock posted...
Brandy1977 posted...
Does anyone know what the deal is with MH and Nintendo?Does Nintendo give Capcom tons of money and special favors or is it soley a decision on Capcom to limit their game sales by keeping it on one platform?

It's something about Sony forcing Capcom to put trophy systems on Tri. Capcom disagreed and that made them leave Sony and go to Nintendo. And something about Nintendo (after Tri) calling some sort of exclusivity on MH.

I heard it was about PS3 development costs being too high. But whatever, your point still stands.
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