Not even the Dreamcast had this much flack from developers

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User Info: mashu

4 years ago#31
It doesn't really matter so long as you are not a single platform gamer. Nintendo will release at least a half dozen amazing first party games for the Wi U at a bare minimum. It'll get at least a few good third party games. I look back on the Wii now and could say that it was worth it to me just for Xenoblade. I owned more than that for it though. Overall, it had a good selection of games despite being really slow release-wise for long stretches. It didn't matter as at the time I had other systems too, and the same will minimally be true of the Wii U.

User Info: darknight06

4 years ago#32
Sega doesn't have the history of completely disrupting industry wet dreams back in 85, that's why. Dreamcast wasn't anywhere close to being great hardware, it completely got overshadowed by everything that came out soon afterwards.

Nintendo needs to realize that none of these folks ever cared for them in the first place and just run the show for themselves. When they do, it results in their biggest sales. When they don't all they do is lose market share, which has been the case up until the Wii since the release of the SNES. The moment third parties were given options, especially those closer to the PC, they always went to the competition and never returned 100%. The NES and Wii were very Anti-PC which is what sold them. The SNES, N64, GC, and WiiU are trying to be power consoles and it's causing them nothing but trouble. WiiU could be as strong as 6 360s duct taped together and third parties would've still found a reason to not support it.
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User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#33
ChipChipperson posted...
Dynheart posted...
The gaming industry has really lost it's way if you ask me.

30 years ago? It was about the games.
25 years ago? It was about the games.

We can go all the way up until 6th gen. This is where things got hairy. In the end, though, the gamer's won that battle. 3 great consoles with great games all around!

7th gen? It went from games, to a huge slog/PR fest. Not only that, but the gamer's are an afterthought. If the profits, mind you there's still profit to be had, don't look like it will meet their percentile? Just smear the publishers name, that get's rid of the problem...sort of.

Now we have twitter. Don't get me started on this...but you can put 2 and 2 together.

The industry is a mess.

And we've gone from ''Oh our game sold/reviewed poorly? I guess we'll just have to try harder next time'' to ''Our game sold/reviewed poorly? Shut down the developer, blame the hardware manufacturer and cancel all future projects on the hardware.''

This industry as we know it isn't long for the world, their business practices are just so g-damn backwards and toxic.

You forgot "Oh our game reviewed poorly? Blackmail the reviewers that gave bad scores, deny them early review copies of our next big game, and uninvite them to our free swag and cushy hotel trips. They'll learn to score our next lazy cheap cash in better"

But yeah the videogame industry is a complete corrupt abomination these days. And the gaming 'media' desperately tries to pretend they are more than bought out/sell outs that have been converted into literally the paid advertising wing of publishers.

The current system also shows why capitalism fails. In capitalism, much like the current industry, genuine hard work is discouraged and people steal, lie and cheat and bribe their way to getting what they want, all while cutting more and more and more corners to get themselves more profit. Because there aren't enough legitimate rules in place, no oversight to make people play fair or do right by consumers. In fact we have the paid media dogs attacking consumers calling them entitled whiners for calling out the industrys wanton corruption and bull****.

I really can't wait until the next gaming crash, the console space just needs to die so badly. It does nothing but foster more and more cancerous trends in the industry.
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User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#34
The TC is so full of it, and lacks perspective.

He is saying this system is doomed, when ahead of it it has the following in front of it to release:

New 3d Mario
New 3d Zelda
New Zelda remake of one of the most desired entries
New Super Smash Brothers
New Metroid
New Kirby
New Pikmin
New Wii Fit (big hit, despite what trolls say)
New Kirby
New Mario Kart
New Monolith RPG
New Dragon Quest
New Fire emblem (being crossed over with the MegaTen series!!)
Plus anything yet to be announced (stay tuned for E3)

You say this is different from the 3DS? How? That game launched with Pilotwings, Nintendogs, and Steel Diver and predictably tanked too at launch - it took 9 months until we finally got Marioland 3d and Mario Kart until the fortunes of that platform finanlly turned around. Wii U will get the same push at Christmas.

Many of the above listed games sold 4,5,6 million of their last entry. You mean to say the follow ups will be ignored and completely not wanted by anyone? Once the games people want to play are here, people will buy the console.

Besides, as is, the Wii U has almost kept the pace the Wi did at launch. Its not like theres only 1-2 million sold after a year. We got nearly 4 million units out there after 3 months of release. Just wait until there actually is software people really want on the shelf.

User Info: lipnox88

4 years ago#35
Dreamcast was an amazing console, Nintendo needs to play catch up but im sure we will be happy by year end.
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

4 years ago#36
If the console were really doomed they'd stop production of games in process. No such announcement has been made. All this crap on these boards is just SPIN and hyperbole. I'm sure the company has issues as most companies do (especially in Japan). Better to see things pan out for themselves instead of trying to predict the end of the World.
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User Info: rvd42387

4 years ago#37
The fact is we are less than 4 months into the launch for the system. Please tell me what system selling titles Xbox 360 or PS3 had 4 months into the system. Hell I see a post on the first page of the board saying that N64 was the glory days for Nintendo, What system sellers did N64 have in its first 4 months in America, I can think of 2 Shadows of the empire and Mario 64, I would say the system movers for WII U right now are NSMBU and Zombi U,

I would venture a guess that 90% of the titles that were announced on January 21st's Nintendo direct will be out by this time next year. I don't own the system yet but I plan to have one by April, I will still play my PS3, the 360 i haven't been a huge fan of but i still have my original XBOX next to my N64 and my PS2. Early adopters always get shafted on quality titles and this is no different than any other system and I am willing to guess that the launch for the Nextbox and the PS4 will be pretty pitiful as well.

User Info: PedroMontana

4 years ago#38
The DC did not get flack from third parties at all except for EA who boycotted them because they wanted Sega to give up making first party sports games (much like they now seem to try to force Origin onto Nintendo).

Otherwise, it got very good third party support before Sega killed the console by declaring to stop production and to go third party, far better then the N64, the Xbox or the Gamecube.
Look at Capcom, they have 2 games on the N64 and like 30 on the Dreamcast.

darknight06 posted...
Dreamcast wasn't anywhere close to being great hardware, it completely got overshadowed by everything that came out soon afterwards.

Dreamcast was the power of the PS2, with better online and 4 controller ports for less money then the PS2 and one year earlier then the PS2.

If you want to argue that, look at how most Dreamcast/PS2 multiplatform games look better on Dreamcast (Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Crazy Taxi, Grandia 2, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Conflict Zone...), and how no PS2 exclusive game in 2001 looked as good as Sonic Adventure 2 and Shenmue 2.
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User Info: TyrantLowKey

4 years ago#39
xerofyre0 posted...
It's all about perception of reality vs reality. I thought the launch lineup was great ans while there was a small drought for a couple months, the future seems bright to me. I will put more time in monster hunter alone than all the ps3 and 360 exclusives combined this year. Wiiu isn't doomed, stopped listening to the internet

Right on and then there is "X". New Zelda and HD remake? What's not to like.
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#40
pearl arowana posted...
at dreamcast have the power to compete with the competition

wii u is about ps3 and 360 level.. hence why most developer dnt bother to develop their games on it,... sad

Nintendo's last 2 consoles (Wii U and Wii) haven't been about being able to display a super-duper-ultra-mega-high-quality picture. It's been about gameplay. If that doesn't sell anymore, then it's not Nintendo I should feel sorry for. It's humankind.
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