Windwaker HD make Wii U a system seller?

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User Info: DeathSoul2000

4 years ago#31
Chocobo115 posted...
New 3D Mario
Zelda U
Mario Kart U
Smash Bros U

that's your system sellers.

so where are they?

User Info: BoomerTheGreat

4 years ago#32
Justice_Apollo posted...
Threinfhir posted...
NeojianX posted...
BreakWindWalker, yes. Windwalker, No! Oh and it already has been in HD played on the Wii and on HDTVs. You ass! for removing Gamecube BC from the Wii. Sony is getting it's ass handed to them for their EVIl Business practices also. Gamestop too!

Ha ha ha ha ha! I just failed...

Wind Walker? Sony? Gamestop?

WTF are you talking about?

I fixed that last sentence for you as well.

Ignore Neojian. He always posts like he's on drugs, drunk, and typing by slamming his forehead in the keyboard.

Lol this is one of the few messages that made me laugh. Im suprised when people talk about system sellers they dont bring up Bayonetta 2. It looks good.
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User Info: vJESSEv

4 years ago#33
I think windwaker's art style is more relevant now than it was back when.

after games like Okami the public is more able to accept the look.
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User Info: kiba312

4 years ago#34
Paulf001 posted...
Remakes aren't really known to be system sellers.

The 3DS disagrees
oh noes 0.o

User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

4 years ago#35
metalXgear posted...
It's basically the Zelda OoT for the Wii U, I believe Windwaker HD will be one of the best selling Wii U games.
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User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#36
not a system seller. a good game to get though.

X or the next true zelda would be a system seller.
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User Info: FenderMaster

4 years ago#37
WW Remake won't sell WiiU's. An original may sell a couple of million though... I'll buy a WiiU for a new Zelda

User Info: Kourama

4 years ago#38
isnt Persona 4 a system seller for the Vita?

User Info: FenderMaster

4 years ago#39
Kourama posted...
isnt Persona 4 a system seller for the Vita?

nope. GTA3 was for PS2, Halo was for XBOX. Wii Sports was for Wii. Persona 4 was not a system seller.

User Info: Georgemen

4 years ago#40
Ocarina of Time 3DS didn't light the world on fire. Windwaker HD will fare even worse.
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