Just got a Wii U, what games should I get

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User Info: azn_renegade77

4 years ago#1
Any staple Wii/ Wii U games?

I already have nintendo land and new super mario bros wii u

User Info: harrisonosirrah

4 years ago#2
Rayman Legends

User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#3
ZombiU, Trine 2, The Cave, Nano Assault Neo
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User Info: fhsfootball74

4 years ago#4
for Wii U

Assassin's Creed 3
Darksiders 2
Sonic All Star Racing Transformed
Black Ops 2
NBA 2k13 if you like sports
Mass Effect 3

Wii games

Mario Galaxy
Skyward Sword
Twilight Princess
Metriod Prime 3
the Last Story
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User Info: lowuw

4 years ago#5
Ninja Gaiden

User Info: sythierius

4 years ago#6
harrisonosirrah posted...
Rayman Legends

Best game releasing this month!!! I can't wait!

User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#7
harrisonosirrah posted...
Rayman Legends

lol too soon
(@_@) Spinda is watching

User Info: vJESSEv

4 years ago#8
You can play the black betty level as many times as the demo allows.
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