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User Info: Dragonyeuw

4 years ago#11
keniption posted...
All I'm hearing is "If we can't have it now then no one should have it!"

Alot of people aren't complaining about it being ported, they're complaining that the Wii U version has been delayed to release with the other versions, when by all accounts the game is ready. THAT is what is annoying people.

I understand the business reasons for porting it to PS3/360, but delaying the Wii U version has lost them a ton of goodwill and all three versions are going to get lost in the shuffle come September when bigger name titles launch and the Xbox Durango/Ps Orbis is just around the corner. With the dearth of new Wii U titles, the Wii U version of Rayman Legends had the opportunity to launch in February with no competition from other Wii U software, sell both to fans and people just wanting a new game, and act as a word of mouth marketing tool for the 360/PS3 versions.
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User Info: OMG_AIDS

4 years ago#12
If it came out this month I would have bought it for sure. Game releases for the WiiU are slow right now so it would have been a no brainer to purchase it.

However, now that it's coming out in September there will probably be too many other big game releases for me to care about paying full price for it. Oh well, the wait continues for Monster Hunter.
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User Info: SoaringDive

4 years ago#13
keniption posted...
All I'm hearing is "If we can't have it now then no one should have it!"

This isn't a problem if you own more than one system. Also as awesome as origins was it wasn't the end all be all for platformers and wasn't jump out of your seat exciting. Though since Legends "was" exclusive and now isn't that is where the problem is.

It reminds me of exclusives on ps3. Most of which people always pointed out having over Xbox but almost no one would buy. Sales for some of the hyped exlusives were terrible. Though that didn't matter because they were only on ps3.

Same is going on here. Now that Rayman is going multiplat most of you are saying you don't even want it anymore.



That's not it at all. It's that, after crunching and overtime, Ubisoft just decides to delay it until the same time GTA V and a boat load of other big name games will be coming out. We were ready to fork over our money, but now we'll be spending it on something else instead.

Now, what I wonder, is how many on the team are gonna be laid off? Rayman Legends will have made $0 from now until September, so knowing Ubisoft somebody is losing their job.
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User Info: fhsfootball74

4 years ago#14
I think most are just upset that a complete game set to be released on the 26th of the month got delayed 2 weeks before release. Heck I think people would be less pissed off if they told us 2 months ago but 2 weeks? After many had it bought and paid for? Basically they are turning down money that they could have made now.

Why not release Legends now and then retool it for the other consoles and release it in the fall? Call it Origins 2 problem solved.
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User Info: Emperor_mateus

4 years ago#15
I probably would't have gotten Rayman, but I do think this move from Ubisoft is in really bad taste.
I don't mind it going multiplatform, but saying that your gonna let people wait longer then half a year for a game thats already finished is just stupid.

Even more stupid is how they decided to release it alongside Gta5 and other big titles instead of now when there isn't much coming out.
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User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#16
mjc0961 posted...
keniption posted...
All I'm hearing is "If we can't have it now then no one should have it!"

Get your ears checked then, because nobody is saying that, and thus you shouldn't be hearing it.

^This 1000x
People just want the game released when it should've been.
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User Info: tizzywilkillyou

4 years ago#17
ElectricKaibutu posted...
"If we can't have it now then no one should have it!" I haven't seen anyone say that. If anyone actually did, they're just being bitter.

This... I don't think I've seen a single person say this... Horrendous fail by the TC. 0/10
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