Wind waker hd wont be more then $25 right?

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  3. Wind waker hd wont be more then $25 right?

User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#21
it will be more
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User Info: airfoemoe

4 years ago#22
abort_mission posted...
Giygasminion posted...
This is a remake, not just a port like most HD collections.

do you have actual proof of this? from the screenshots it looks like they just added bloom and removed the cel shading. im not saying youre wrong, just that it seems we have very little info at this point.

If you saw the trailer, the towns are redrawn for Wii U.
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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#23
this will be 60 get over it
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User Info: ultron

4 years ago#24
Expecting a Nintendo game on a new system for less than full price?
Really, what dimension did you come from...

User Info: Sakura_Railgun

4 years ago#25
It will be full price obviously. OoT was full price, so will Windwaker. And I'm not sure where people are getting their "remade from the ground up" from. There is no indication of this, it's not like they did that for OoT.

User Info: TatsuSuou

4 years ago#26
This is Nintendo, anything but full price wouldn't make sense to them.
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User Info: Blinxhero

4 years ago#27
I would expect to buy it for around $70-100 (AUD). That's usually around the price of a new game, remake or original.

User Info: Dragoncomet

4 years ago#28

It's going to be $60
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User Info: enjoines

4 years ago#29
I would pay $60
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User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#30
oh please, of course it'll be full price.
It's money-grabbing we-won't lower-our-prices-over-time Nintendo.
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  3. Wind waker hd wont be more then $25 right?

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