Bayonetta Sigma 2 should come to PS360 by next year

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User Info: vidalmoraza

4 years ago#21
-Damien- posted...
Newbius posted...
Platinum stated themselves that the only way Bayonetta 2 will only go multiplat is if Nintendo says so.

And MS and Itagaki said the same thing about NG and NG2

MS helped, not funded 100% of the project, is not the same....
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User Info: quickposter

4 years ago#22
nonexistinghero posted...
MS merely published the Ninja Gaiden games, not fund them. Aside from that, Sigma 2 would have never existed if Itagaki didn't leave Tecmo. And look what happened, the new Team Ninja hasn't made a game as good as NG2 since.

Very true. I was willing to give Hayashi and whoever stayed with Team NINJA the benefit of the doubt because Hayashi was actually more involved in Dragon Sword then itagaki was. Itagaki only oversaw development. Obviously overseeing development (even to a small extent) was the reason it was good.

Not just Team NINJA, Tecmo as a whole now resides at Valhalla.
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User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#23
EnVy_CaLiBeR posted...
-Damien- posted...
MS financed NG and NG2, and all Tecmo had to do is to use separate source code and rename the titles, and voila! NGS and NGS2 on PS3

Bottomline is that if Sony/Nintendo/MS didnt own the IP, it could go to any platform. When Bayo 2 flops on Wii U, Platinum would port this to PS360. That 140 million install base is hard to ignore

Published, funded, and co-developed by Nintendo.

What part of that do people not understand?
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User Info: plasticman13

4 years ago#24
But the OP isn't saying Bayonetta 2 will go the the PS360, he's saying Bayonetta 2 Sigma will. They are two different titles.
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User Info: 40Dribylf

4 years ago#25
I don't know why people keep bringing up Mass Effect 1.

EA bought Bioware and all their IPs. Microsoft had a timed exclusive deal, most likely a backroom deal between MS and EA.

So unless someone goes to Sega and goes, "Hey, let me buy Bayonetta" then that will be the same case.

But no-one is going to do that because no-one but Nintendo wanted the project. No other publisher is interested in Bayonetta. The first sold like crap so of course they wouldn't. I honestly don't why Nintendo picked it up.

Ah, now I'm ranting. In any case, stop comparing two completely different situation.
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User Info: KonkeyDonk435

4 years ago#26
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