Do third party devs hate Nintendo? Or their fans?

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User Info: arkturus777

4 years ago#11
These are businesses, the only thing they hate is not making money.

User Info: StickMen1090

4 years ago#12
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
The fans, definitely. They are the ones not buying the 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles. So all the fans mad at the devs are just denying the fact they caused the games to be cancelled or not considered for Wii U.

implying fans dont own other consoles?

User Info: Kaishou

4 years ago#13
I don't think its the developers; its the publishers.

I find it depressing. There really is no excuse as to why a console can't be catered to with the games that get released. Publishers seem to only care about creating a game that they can lazily port over to as many consoles as possible instead of taking full advantage of what the consoles are capable of. The Wii did have some really great games that were built in a style that was graphically appeasing. It's a shame that most of them were lost in the sea of shovelware, or flat out never brought outside of Japan.

It wasn't really the Wii's fault that most publishers failed to embrace what could be done and instead were content with giving the Wii gamers watered down, laughable ports. Of course no one bought them, they could buy the better version on there PS3/Xbox360.

The Wii U seems to be in the same boat. Developers may be itching to try to create inventive games with the hardware available. Publishers, on the other hand, are showing there green side. Just look at what Ubisoft pulled with Rayman Legends. There was a game built to showcase the Wii U, being delayed for 7 months as they try to figure out a way to port it over to the 360 and PS3. The third party titles that were released at launch were, yet again, lazy ports. They had frame rate issues, graphical issues, and didn't fully embrace the hardware that the Wii U had. Publishers than have the gall to blame Nintendo that there deficient ports failed to sell? It's moronic and really depressing.
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