Would this system be better if it only had the pro controller? No tablet pad.

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  3. Would this system be better if it only had the pro controller? No tablet pad.

User Info: darkus_f

4 years ago#11
It would be better imo. Then nintendo could invest on more power for the console instead and make it on par with the other consoles that are about to be released.
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User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#12
ITT: people who would be fine with 3 barely distinguishable consoles on the market. There's barely a need for both Playstation and Xbox to exist side by side on the shelves, I don't want to toss Nintendo in and have a hat trick of conformity.
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User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#13
Yes. I'd be much more inclined to snap one up if they just had the Pro Controller and spent development time making the system stronger instead of messing with the screen.
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User Info: Dragonyeuw

4 years ago#14
A good portion of the system cost is tied up in the gamepad. I'm assuming that no gamepad means more resources dedicated to making the actual hardware more on par with its competitors. That would result in 3 'me too' consoles separated only by their first party exclusives. I like that Nintendo tries to offer something different, but it also means that third parties have to go to extra lengths to utliize the Wii U gamepad and work around what will be technically weaker hardware to ps4/xbox720. This is going to be a first party machine again untill the system install base increases dramatically and perhaps a third party will then consider an exclusive designed around the U's unique control interface.
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User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#15
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User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#16
I can think of one huge reason straight away that it would be better not to.

Nintendo Land.

The things on that would not be possible without the second screen, and it's honestly some of the most fun I've ever had in my ~16 years of gaming.

User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#17
No it would take alot of fun out of the wii U
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User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#18
"Would this system be better if it was yet another 360 clone?"

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User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#19
No it would be the same
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

4 years ago#20
I think devs and other "non-Nintendo" gamers would have taken it a lot more seriously. Instead, it just looks like another gimmick system, and I don't think people are treating its future any differently than they did the Wii, which is not very good.
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  3. Would this system be better if it only had the pro controller? No tablet pad.

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