Would this system be better if it only had the pro controller? No tablet pad.

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User Info: PSOLavis

4 years ago#31
Laughable that you bring up skewed personal views. Ironic ain't it.

User Info: lp913

4 years ago#32
PSOLavis posted...
Laughable that you bring up skewed personal views. Ironic ain't it.

Oh believe me, seeing that come from you makes it FAR more hilarious, lol
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User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#33
PSOLavis posted...
lp913 posted...
PraetorXyn posted...
lp913 posted...
HELL no, the system actually has more options...NOT less (GamePad has all the essential functions of a standard gaming controller on top of the extra screen functionality). So unlike the original Wii with its Wii Remote/Nunchuck combo, there are absolutely NO excuses that can seriously hold up with Wii U's controller. If you really want to find any faults with the console, the controller sure as hell ain't it.

The controller costs Nintendo about a third of the console's price to make.

Packaging the controller separately from the system would have changed nothing for the people who want to use the gamepad, as they could have paid the same price ($200-$250 for a system without it, plus $100-$150 for the controller itself). The difference is that people who don't care about the tablet controller would be more inclined to buy a $200-$250 system.

Also, think about third party developers. While they don't technically NEED to do anything with the tablet screen, most developers probably wouldn't put a game on the Wii U unless it actually makes good use of it. Most likely in a lot of cases, this would cause developers to back out of multiplatform titles on the Wii U, because they're too lazy to do the extra work. On the exclusive side of things, third party exclusives should definitely make use of the tablet controller, but again developers might be too lazy to put in the work for that, and cancel the project or decide not to go through with it in the first place.

Oh hell, OFF TV PLAY at the bare minimum is a good enough selling point! It was the very first and most prominent feature of the Wii U that was shown off to the mass public! If the vast majority of third party developers with games used next to only that as a Wii U specific feature, most people wouldn't even complain at all about this! If they can't do that much, then it really is clearly the third party's problem, and if its not multiple developers studios would NOT have closed up shop like they have been doing in the current gen, due to the demanding high developer costs of the non-Nintendo platforms.

I think if most people want off tv play they would use a handheld. When would off tv play actualyl be useful for the average person? What are you going to take the game in when you take a crap. Wow, what a great feature. Gaming and crapping all at the same time.

Anyone with a wife and/or children would likely make use of said feature all the time.
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User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#34
shotgunheadshot posted...
Would sticking with a regular controller been a better choice for Nintendo? Like ps3 and Xbox did. If Nintendo only advertised with the standard pro controller, would that have sold the system more?.

It seems a bit confusing to play wii U games on a tablet screen while trying to play on a Tv screen. Looking back and forth seems like it can be annoying for some. The 3ds can do it because it's all connected together. I am not trying to troll don't get me wrong. But the tablet could have been an addon for later to buy instead.

Well the reason for the touch screen controller is cuz (and I say touch screen cuz tablet didn't exist until 2008):

1 - To offer more innovation to gamers.
2 - Offer a new ways to play and interact.
3 - Makes it feel like a new product.
4 - Easier to play DS and 3DS games when the time comes for them to make a DS Player.
5 - Make co-op play more active meaning so you won't had to pause to access menu items and stuff.
6 - Play games when others take over the tv.
7 - Offer a different perspective of multiplay.
8 - Allows free motion movement w/o being limited to using a sensor bar.

Besides wouldn't it feel the same like the other two if all Nintendo does was upped the powers? If they done that then it'll just be another late Xbox 360 or PS3.

User Info: Lefty128k

4 years ago#35
It would have been better if they gave up on the screen controller and put that money into better console internals.
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