Nintendo pulled a "Sega Saturn" by releasing the Wii U so early

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User Info: xOmniCloudx

4 years ago#21
Saturn failed due to bad release plan, failed communication with retailers and developers and then having these problems multiplied by being hard to develop for and its high price point compared to competition. Then Sega made it even worse when it came to releasing games for the different regions. Outside Japan, Saturn wasn't really worth the investment compared to the competition. Saturn wouldn't have had the most market share but it would have been successful in the end if SEGA did it right. Much like how the PS3 was/is this generation.

Wii-U's problem is lack of what the mass majority wants and trying to appeal to a market that feels betrayed by their last console when it came to who they appealed to. The market from last gen are not going to loyally follow them every generation like they wrongly thought. Many of them were out of the Wii-phase within a few months of owning it and then it just collected dust most the time.

Then there's the other stigma of many seeing it as just promoting features the other two consoles have had for years and the knowledge of the next two consoles coming not too long after and will feature superior hardware, have more developer backing in the long end due to higher capabilities and them already having the market Nintendo is trying to win back. Technically Nintendo has a higher hurdle than SEGA.

If anything, the Wii-U is more akin to a Dreamcast and Gamecube hybrid scenario. People are mad at them from the last console, others are holding out for the competition to make a decision and then lastly, it currently doesn't have the support to usher people in fan and developer wise which is a catch 22 since both of them are depending on the other.

Then there's the history of since N64 anything not 1st party Nintendo having problems selling which only got worse every following generation. Devs expected the PS3 to eventually get there so they weren't really worried. But with the Wii-U it's a wild card in almost every way so many are wary. Wii-U sales will eventually pick up with more support and cheaper pricing but it's clear that it wont be the global leader in market shares this gen.

Sony may win it back or Microsoft may claim it for the first time ever seeing they still have their install base and are auto-pushing Kinect which will try to win over much of the fanbase the Wii had and their current Kinect market. It all depends on what the other two do really. Either way, I see Nintendo in last this generation when it comes to console market share.

Personally, I want the Wii-U to succeed but Nintendo definitely has a lot of work ahead of them.
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User Info: TheWiseOne06

4 years ago#22
darklink1017 posted...
I believe it is rushed. If they had released the system with a proper Mario game and then released a Smash Bros within 3 months of launch I think things would be different.

GC launched and had a good lineup of great launch games, Rogue Leader II being an exceptional title. Smash Bros Melee came out a mere 3 months later and it was THE killer app for the system.

The Wii U at this point lacks a killer app to drive hardware sales.

I bought Smash no less than a month after the GC released
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User Info: darklink1017

4 years ago#23
That's why I said "within" 3 months.

Point is that they released the killer app to coincide within the holiday season, and that was a very good thing for consumers and business.

User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#24
darklink1017 posted...
seems like most people are waiting out on more information on the PS4 and the Nextbox before committing to this system.

Except Nintendo launch it right on schedule and everyone knows that. Sega Saturn's launch was pretty much a 'wtf' to everybody. Everyone (the fans, the retailers, the consumers, the critics, the developers, etc.) expect it to launch on September yet it launch in May.

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#25
Soggy13 posted...
"Nintendo pulled a "Sega Saturn" by releasing Wii U so early"

I feel that should read "Nintendo pulled an "Xbox360" by releasing Wii U so early". I say this because it's a more recent event, last gen as opposed to 3 generations ago. They were all trying get a up the competition. We won't know if it worked for them until this fall if that's for certain when the other consoles release, and gamers have to ask themselves the serious question. "Do I want the Wii U because it has more games or am I willing to wait for more games on this other console."

The only reasons the 360 was so successful was it was first in line, the Wii was no near as powerful and PS3 launch tanked. This gen don't expect enough a power gap and I doubt there others will miss step quite like Sony did. However if Nintendo is able to get enough of the market share of third party devs. by or around launch to justify all multiplats being on their console. Then it wouldn't matter if it were weaker than the others because they would developing for the Wii U and porting to the others like with the 360 and PS3. this were happen, which I hope, Nintendo will have accomplished the goal they set out for. Which means the competition will boil down to features which turn will make all three make better first party games and that's a win for everyone.

That's complete speculation and kinda BS. You can't say that all devs would choose Wii U as the lead console. If the power gap isn't so wide, then any console could be picked as lead when the next Sony and MS systems launch and ported from there. Depending on the control schemes for the next systems, they could easily start games on those dev kits and make Wii U versions last, since they have to find a use for the gamepad in most situations.
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User Info: miraimike

4 years ago#26
Nintendo pulled a Sega Saturn? So they announced a particular release day and then went ahead and released on another day?
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#27
darkstriker00 posted...
Some would argue the wii U is too late.

I agree. It's a few years too late.
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User Info: GLDanzego

4 years ago#28
darklink1017 posted...
^Drought of games+the fact that most people seem to be taking a "wait and see approach" for the next systems coming from Sony and Microsoft.

People KNEW that the Playstation was going to be quite a huge upgrade in graphical fidelity as compared to the Saturn, and months went by and people waited. I think the same thing will happen here. The Wii U hasn't garnered as much interest as the Wii did at launch with Wii Sports.

No, they didn't. Most people didn't even know what a Playstation was until it hit the market and starting establishing itself.

User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#29
the wii u is actually one whole generation to late.

User Info: Elem187

4 years ago#30
Megagunstarman posted...
You're right though. The Wii U does lack a killer app. Nintendo didn't plan the early days of the Wii U very well.

Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101 were all supposed to launch with systems, and if they have done so they would have sold a few more systems, but selling 3 million in 2 months isn't anything to sneeze at. The original wii sold 3.5 million in that time frame and the PS3 sold 900,000 in its first 2 months.

Seems Nintendo planned to have 3 big heavy hitting titles out of the gate, but the development was pushed back at the last minute... happens. Nintendo doesn't seem to be too worried, they face the same problem with the 3DS, and that has bounced back now that games are arriving.... Can't say the same for Vita.
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