Pro's & cons for each system.

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User Info: DEMONPANDA212

4 years ago#1
As there's no general board I posted here. At least I can't find a general and it was either here or in all 6 respective forums, which would be spamming,

I would like people to come up with 3 pro's & 3 cons for every system they feel they can.

So as an independent reviewer I feel at home with everything, as I have reviewed on every system, so I feel I can do all 6 (I honestly don't see the point in adding every brand of smart phone or tablet).



It can be daunting if you're wanting to get into P.C gaming.

It can be expensive.

If you get a console game early, great. If you get a P.C game early, Steam, Origin etc... May block you from using it until they say so.


Broken games get patched, either by the dev or by a super nerd who loves fixing broken games.

Expensive rigs can last for a very long time and games are cheaper from the get go (even cheaper from the likes of Steam in sales).

9-10 times you get a superiour game with better graphics, frame counts, customisations etc...



Battery life.

Circle Pad Pro is proving to be yet another Ninty accessory that will be under supported.

VC games bought on Wii/WiiU need to be bought again on 3DS.


Upon price drop, early adopters weren't screwed as per usual.

Good choice of exclusive games within a year & building rapidly.

Vastly better online experience than the NDS, from gaming to downloads.



Battery life.

Poor choice of exclusive games within a year & getting nowhere fast.

Rear touch pad is a terribly invention as it just doesn't work, it's inaccurate & far to big so accidental touching is common with big hands.


Console games on a handheld.

Excellent backwards compatibility ranging from 15 year old PS1 games to PSP games.

Cross purchase.



The new shop.

Removal of an off switch (yes no other console has one either, but this used to have one and I miss it).

Poor connectivity to Vita (I think many expected WiiU style of connectivity, seeing as how Sony planned all this some time ago, instead we get virtual dual shock controller support).


PlayStation Plus (£40 for 12-15 months of free games & content worth £200).

A good variety when it comes to exclusives including all of the greatest PS2 exclusives reborn again (I never had a PS2, so for me it's a big plus).

Cross purchase.



Battery life in gamepad turns console into a handheld.

Always on gamepad.

Slow OS.


VC & WiiWare games are transferable from Wii to WiiU.

Pro controller.

Nintendo network premium (If this was on Wii, I'd have saved a fortune).

X-BOX 360.


Live isn't the best service & it certainly isn't worth paying for.

If you hate Kinect, then nothing worth buying has hit for a while as almost all third party titles are better off being bought on another system (P.C).

System failure rate (Between me, my brothers & my friends, we've had nearly 20 systems).


X-BOX Live Arcade (It shown that downloads were a force to be reckoned with this gen. Something I am glad of, as most of my favourite games this gen have been downloads).

The controller.

Gears Of War. Now, It may be stupid to name a game, but Gears is IMO the best franchise this gen, I love the novels, the comics & the games, so for that, I am most grateful for the 360.

User Info: OMG_AIDS

4 years ago#2
The spacing of this is so terrible it hurts my head.
XBL Gamertag - Goomba Stomper
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User Info: SychinLegacy

4 years ago#3
One if the biggest pros for the wii u is that you can play on only the game pad. It's amazing for sports fans who otherwise had to pick between watching a game and playing a game or finding a crappy Internet stream.
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