Nintendo's hard path to third-party support in 2013

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User Info: blankempathy

4 years ago#11
Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
Stop trying to defend nintendo for one second and use your brain.

Third party "core" games sold poorly on the wii.
They sold slightly better on the Gamecube and N64, but still nowhere near as good as on their competitors consoles.
Do you see a trend here?

I guess things don't change that much...

Because the wii got third party games like Dead rising chop till you drop/red steel, call of duty reflex, castlevania judgement. Meanwhile some of its good games wouldn't even appeal to any consoles general audience such as okami, muramasa, no more heroes. Meanwhile games such as monster hunter, Resident evil 4 (after being released on 2 systems before it, sonic colors, Monster hunter sold well. Goldeneye 007 wii outsold the ps3 and 360 versions as well. Even Anarcy reigns. Madworlds sequel isn't selling well and its on both the 360/ps3. Its about knowing your audience which clearly some companies don't know. The same reason why japanese developed games tend to sell better on the ps3 then the 360 and vice versa.
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User Info: Beatperson14

4 years ago#12
Yeah they're drowning
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