The Balloon Fight Wii U VC survey is up, perfect time to tell Nintendo...

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Honestly, the only thing i want from them is Earthbound and a unified account system. I have a friend overseas but I honestly don't care about the mhz situation
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User Info: noutBr

4 years ago#32
cool_boy_mew posted...
No, it is not. Startropics is more worth 5$ .... However

Breath of Fire IV: 5.99$
Parasite Eve: 5.99$
Parasite Eve II: 5.99$
Final Fantasy IX: 5.99$
etc ...

Those that are 9.99$ are Chrono Cross or Xenogears, usually the bigger RPGs.

5$ for a NES game is quite a bad price. It also make the Snes and N64 pricing look quite poor. On top of that, buy once, play on PS3, PSP Vita. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a PS fanboy at all trying to make a stealth trolling topic, I don't even have a PS3 or Vita, but these makes the VC service looks really bad.

I agree with you on this one, I do own DS/3DS/Vita and Wii/Wii U/PS3. looking around on eShop and PSN I would get pretty confused as a regular consumer. Why are PS1 games almost the same price as a NES or GB game? It gets even more ridiculous when you look at some NEW digital only releases or some of the budget prices Vita games that are less than a year old go for. PSN also has a few games that are IMO a bit overpriced but I simply choose not to buy them (Castlevania SotN €10 for example), just like on the eShop.

As a consumer I of course like PSN better because the prices are generally a lot lower so that's a good thing for me. Not only are prices cheaper but as you said, I can play PS1 classics on both my PS3 and Vita without an extra fee or anything. All of this is made possible because Playstation uses an actual ACCOUNT system.

This is actually the main reason why I buy so few games digitally from Nintendo and ZERO games for their VC service (except the €0,30 games). I bought plenty of games from PSN, including PS1 games I already owned because the price seemed about right.
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User Info: SquareSide

4 years ago#33
Tell Walmart to let me buy a $20 card... it keeps failing in the verification process(3 weeks now) and the main electronics dude is a lying zombie.
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  3. The Balloon Fight Wii U VC survey is up, perfect time to tell Nintendo...

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