question about Wii U virtual council

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User Info: dborwege

4 years ago#1
I was thinking about picking up paper mario from club nintendo, if i used my coins to buy it would it be sent to my wii u, or my wii (which I don't have anymore)

User Info: TotakaK

4 years ago#2
Haven't done this myself, but I'm pretty sure what happens is they give you a download code, which you then enter into the Wii shop channel in Wii mode (assuming you want it on your Wii U).
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User Info: DBNULLd

4 years ago#3
virtual council

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User Info: Petey_Meanis

4 years ago#4
It goes to your Wii U and only in Wii Mode
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User Info: Hungtotheover

4 years ago#5
Virtual Council is a group of imaginary leaders that vote on weekly games. Duh
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Prince Shondronai 4 years ago#6
I hope to someday be chairman of the console.
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User Info: SPDShadowRanger

4 years ago#7
I knew there had to be rulers of Miiverse!

User Info: _Falstaff

4 years ago#8
Usually, I overlook spelling mistakes, but this one was too good. I clicked on this topic because I wanted the inside information on the council that was in charge of the Wii U, hoping that it would be some sort of conglomerate of A.I.'s.
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User Info: HungoverHero777

4 years ago#9
Dibs on the community name when user-created ones are allowed.
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#10
The council isn't going to send anything to your Wii or Wii U because you hung up on them one too many times.
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