I knew Aliens would flop

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User Info: vidalmoraza

4 years ago#21

Even if sells 20 millions, is a bad game....
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User Info: YoyokuKO

4 years ago#22

when was aliens considered the next big game on any console?

User Info: promo123

4 years ago#23
YoyokuKO posted...

when was aliens considered the next big game on any console?
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User Info: Elem187

4 years ago#24
ElGado posted...
I mean really. You guys thought an FPS was going to save the Wii U? The game had flop written all over it. COD is still king.

COD is already on the Wii U. I highly doubt the Wii U needs any saving, even with the console being a half a million sales behind the original Wii, the Wii U has more then sold double the amount the PS3 did in its first 2 months of life.

User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#25
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User Info: TNist1048

4 years ago#26
YoyokuKO posted...

when was aliens considered the next big game on any console?

It happens anytime what seems like a maybe decent Aliens game comes around. People end up hoping beyond hope that this new game will be good. Unfortunately anyone with some knowledge of the Aliens franchise's game history knew Colonial Marines' chances of being a great game were just shy of the chance Rush Limbaugh would come out of the closet. Aliens has had a terrible history when it comes to the quality of its games and A:CM just continued the tradition.

User Info: TheNewWave

4 years ago#27
ElGado posted...
thefabregas22 posted...
How has it flooped. Sales figures been pooped out yet? Also timesplitters is god of fps.

Bad reviews all over the place. Won't even break 1 million.

Too bad that sales are affected by reviews, but I guess people refuse to trust their own instincts.

User Info: andizzle29662

4 years ago#28
squatch22 posted...
Bad reviews don't mean a game will sell badly...

It does have an impact though. Money is tight these days, sixty bucks is too much for a mediocre game.
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User Info: TrstTheLord

4 years ago#29
So the best version will be on wii u. Too bad a best version of a bad game is still bad unless the U's game will be totally different.
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User Info: Faceman_

4 years ago#30
When will you people realize that all games are inferior to Phantasy Star IV?
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