EA CEO says Wii-U is not in part of their next gen console plans

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User Info: devastatorX2

4 years ago#1
EA CEO does not Consider Wii-U a next gen console


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User Info: Darkside_Shadow

4 years ago#2
well it isn't hardware wise so where is the surprise?

User Info: Dinglesteed

4 years ago#3
EA butthurt N declined Origin.
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User Info: EarthLord_CJ

4 years ago#4
Too bad for them, I guess.
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User Info: cucumberking

4 years ago#5
You can really tell where their allegiance lies, still calling this gen 4.

User Info: AndoMike

4 years ago#6
Makes you wonder if things would be different if Nintendo allowed Origin. Pretty sure EA would be a fan of Nintendo if they gave in to all their demands.

User Info: Muryo

4 years ago#7
All this just because Nintendo said NO to their sneaky dlc,drm, online passes, etc practices?

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#8
I have to agree with EA being especially hostile to Nintendo, because Nintendo doesn't allow them to milk consumers till they're dry and beyond that.
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User Info: CranberryPSO

4 years ago#9
Maybe they mean it's the 4th generation that they've been involved in? I'm not sure.

The article mentions that they aren't planning to develope for the WiiU, but unless I missed it, gave no explanation as to why.

Nintendo does seem to be struggling with the 3rd party developers. Really, the WiiU should not be that scary for developers. 3rd party seems really hesitant to give Nintendo a chance.
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User Info: ish0turfac3

4 years ago#10
EA is as butthurt as sony fanboys.
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