How can people say that was a bad ND?

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User Info: AlexPuma

4 years ago#21
If I was a handeld gamer, I bet I'd still be a huge Nintendo fan to this day. However, since I can't stand handhelds, and almost exclusively games on consoles and sometimes PC, its been very hard for me to say anything nice about Nintendo the past few years.
"Oh I can handle any load that comes my way....." - Savott

User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#22
They managed to get around £400 from me in about 40 minutes. Even E3 hasn't been that persuasive (for me). Granted, I understand that the games announced aren't to everyone's tastes, but what was announced spans a lot of different IPs and genres - if there wasn't a single game in there that you'd like, then you probably hold little/no interest in Nintendo anyway, and you can't offer constructive feedback on the video.

uneedtowakeup posted...
So anyone who says its bad = troll?

Wow you really an intelligent person. (I'm being sarcastic just in case you couldn't work that out)

Funnily enough, that wasn't what I said. I said that it's mostly the trolls offering negative opinions, not the other way round.

I'm glad you phrased it like that though.

mjc0961 posted...
Because it was bad. Every single person they had on after Iwata went away had a creepy face and dull, monotone, uninteresting voice. And unlike Iwata who has an excuse for speaking oddly in English due to it not being his first language, these other people are just awful. They should never be put in front of a camera or microphone again.

Honestly, I wish I'd just turn it off after Iwata said he was done talking about the Year of Luigi, as I completely wasted 20 minutes listening to boring alien creatures trying to masquerade as humans talking about completely uninteresting game announcements.

And finally, still no Pikmin 3 release date. :(

I do agree with your points about the other speakers - some were just awful, and looked incredibly uncomfortable having to talk to the camera. Still though, the content itself was good (in my opinion). Out of curiosity, what would have counted as good announcements in your eyes? And don't mention Wii U games (like Pikmin 3); this was a 3DS ND after all.

laxnd23 posted...
Sailor Goon posted...
trenken posted...
It was pathetic for the 3DS. A few Mario spinoff games which always seem slapped together and lame, and a port of a Wii game? ZZZzzzzzzz

How about a new Metroid game for the 3DS? Talk about a NEW Zelda game, perhaps? Maybe an exciting new IP?

Nope, MORE Mario spinoffs and a port.


And yet everyone buys those spinoffs. Why? Because they're fun. You don't need something new to be fun. And before someone says I need to take off nostalgia glasses, I'm not against new ideas or IPs. But people need to realize a fun game doesn't need to be a totally new idea. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is a saying for a reason.

I agree wholeheartedly. I'm sure I've read plenty of posts in the past with people saying how much they wanted a new Mario Golf game, and yet now that it's here, people are complaining about another spinoff.
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