So did all the devs do it wrong? Criterion seems to be on to something (not NFS)

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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#51
Terotrous posted...
king_madden posted...
mainly because its just a racing game, and they are the most graphically demanding games. the damage is poor, the buildings and scenery doesnt look all that great "graphic wise yes, realistically no). The game can be pushed to look much better on pc, but thats not what they were going for.

Uh, racing games are often some of the flashiest games. And the environments in this game are pretty amazing. Car damage also seems pretty good too.

And if you don't think this is tops, there's also Project Cars, which will also be on Wii U (and 360 and PS3, for that matter) and looks even better.

um no, not all racing games, only forza, and GT are known for their graphics, car games arent usually arent as technially advanced as other games. you say theres a lot going on, but there really isnt a whole lot, other than other racers you have dull looking "traffic" that doesnt serve much purpose,

the graphical difference in this game is being WAY overblown though, put 360/ps3/wii-u video all next to each other, and while there is a difference, there isnt a OMG its so powerful!!!! difference.

project cars is more of a racing simulator like GT, those kind of racing games focus more on graphics, need for speed games dont. case in point, they are saying how good this need for speed is looking, but no where is mentioning it being the best looking racing game on consoles.

User Info: deadANDrotted

4 years ago#52
Hi guys, remember me? TC HERE!!!!

While I enjoy a good debate. I may have worded my OP wrong.This topic wasn't intended to be the "OMG WII U WINZ DA POWERZ RACE!!!!" I meant it to be more of a thought of what the Wii U can actually do. Criterion has took an already good looking game and made it much prettier.

So that had me thinking about the launch ports and how the were either on par or worse than PS360. With the exception of 1 or 2 games. The question being will more devs see what has been done here and apply the same ideas to their games?

And for the guy who said people that buy Nintendo's only buy Mario Kart. I only buy 1 maybe 2 "realistic" (usually still arcade style) racing game per console generation. Last gen was Burnout Paradise and what ever the NFS was that came out near the 360's launch. The gen before that was NFS Underground and now have my pre-order payed off for NFS Most Wanted for Wii U.

Yeah of coarse I buy every Mario Kart because they're fun. But they are a completely different experience. I have been playing the sense the SNES and now I play them with my kid. So yeah I play Mario Kart but that doesn't stop me or anybody else from buying other racers.
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