A price drop is inevitable at this point

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User Info: MichaeIPachter

4 years ago#11
I called it.
It's a profit deal.

User Info: KaiRyusaki

4 years ago#12
TheBonfini posted...
A price drop is inevitable for every system ever. Big whoop.

You know what else is inevitable? Games being made on the console.
and a mario sports title that isnt Kart

These things will happen. i have forseen it

User Info: Dr_Facer

4 years ago#13
If the new bundle with Monster Hunter doesn't help move the system then perhaps they'll cut the price around December. Nintendo can survive on low sales until then.

User Info: ThaPrinceRaziel

4 years ago#14
I think a 100 dollars price cut seems reasonable for the deluxe, considering what you're getting out of the box.
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User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#15
WillWare posted...
PhaseBlack posted...
WillWare posted...
Probably -$50 for each set. But I wouldn't say it's imminent - maybe a year from now.

Selling 55k in January is abysmal, and with the PS4 and 720 launching month from now they will drop the price before then

They just announced a $390 bundle. I think Nintendo's pretty confident.

Or delushunal
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User Info: Voelger

4 years ago#16
I really think they don't need a price drop? They need killer games out now!!!
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User Info: WillWare

4 years ago#17
TheBonfini posted...
WillWare posted...
They just announced a $390 bundle. I think Nintendo's pretty confident.

Or delushunal

Delusional confidence is still confidence, and as long as Nintendo is confident they probably won't lower the price, no matter the evidence (assuming evidence>0). I do think it'd be a good idea for them to lower the price by a little, but I don't see it happening.
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User Info: vidalmoraza

4 years ago#18
Thing is, is faster to do a price drop, than put games on the market, the 3DS at $250 with all the games that we have now, would still sell a lot, but most games where like 6 months away at the time, so it was faster to do a price drop, some new colors and then games hit the stores, and right now is one of the best consoles out there...

Wii U? Well, is been like 2 months without a game, and 1 more is left, once the games start to hit the console, is gonna be fine, I had not bought a Wii U game in 3 months, yet in 1 month I want 3, that are out almost the same day...
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  3. A price drop is inevitable at this point

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