Do you guys think PS4/720 sales gonna be better than Wii U?

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  3. Do you guys think PS4/720 sales gonna be better than Wii U?

User Info: darkqueenhelba

4 years ago#21
Tbh I don't think the next consoles will fair any better. Unless they just have must have titles out of launch with no major down period at an extremely affordable price. That also manages to reel in the casual market in big numbers. It's going to have to be Wii Sports/Fit type of deal again to push things right from the get go. Otherwise, it's just going to take time like the 3DS did.
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User Info: DiscostewSM

4 years ago#22
Lefty128k posted...
Mavrick588 posted...
I see a 3DS Vita Situation coming.
Where the 3DS didn't sell at first then sold great following the release of some good games, and the Vita (which everyone predicted would do better) sunk due to the expense and the lack of games.

All you fanboys say the same thing.
"3DS sales picked up after some game releases"

It was the huge price drop, it was always the huge price drop.

If the price drop was the reason, then why did sales fall back down only 2 weeks after the cut? It was because the game library was still bare. - Lazer Light Studios - Home of the MM2 PTC project

User Info: Board_hunter567

4 years ago#23
But in all likelihood, no.

User Info: CapnStanky

4 years ago#24
Considering the consoles they're replacing are already better than the Wii U, yes.
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#25
Did you think the Wii U was going to sell so poorly? When a list of launch titles comes out for either system, then I'll see what I think about the sales. People can say no just to be spiteful, like you, because of rumors. But the fanboys hear said rumors about the Wii were because of "trolls". So if you didn't believe the Wii U rumors, why are you blindly taking consideration of the PS4/next Xbox as fact?
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  3. Do you guys think PS4/720 sales gonna be better than Wii U?

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