so, why isn't Wii U catching with the huge casual market?

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User Info: fire2box

4 years ago#1
The Wii was a *massive* success with the casual market. Retirement homes were buying Wii's for the old folks to play Wii Sports, middle aged women got addicted to WiiFit, nintendo had its loyal fan base.

So why have sales back so lack luster? They aren't dismal and Nintendo isn't out yet, especially since the other 2 consoles aren't even seen for the first time, or price points announced. But the Sales aren't near anywhere the Wii was about 4-5 months in.
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User Info: zachflash

4 years ago#2
Wii Sports was easy to play and involved getting up and moving around. It was also innovative in its use of motion control to swing a bat, bowl like a bowler, etc. A tablet or the use of two screens is not anything new and is a lot more complicated then the wii "remote" controls.
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User Info: Jumpmandk

4 years ago#3
The Wii was a "Fluke" device, as in it was at the right place, at the right time. If it had been released a few years before, or after it was, it may not have been the success it was.

Nintendo has always had a set way of doing things, and more often than not, it just doesn't work in the long term. The nes/famicom was at the right place at the right time and it allowed Nintendo to become the huge world force it is now.

It came after the gaming crash, and it was a breath of fresh air at the time. Yamauchi San ran it like a world power and treated staff and 3rd parties as such. They had no real competition until the next gen, so they got a HUGE foothold in the industry(same as Atari before them).

The master system fought along side the NES, but was to little to late, but I found it superior to the NES(hardware wise), but it just couldn't find the proper support due to "N" lock on 3rd parties.

Now we have the SNES/Genesis era. I'm not sure how this battle went outside the US, but it was just about the best console war ever. I believe Nintendo came out on top, but it was never a clear cut victory until the very end. Here "N" had a very good competition in the form of Sega, and they made them work for every inch. Sega had crazy ads and promotions, and "N" won strictly because they had their own games to put them over the top.

Now we have N64 which had some good games, but "N" burnt several big 3rd party bridges by insisting to go with cart over CD-ROM. Here they thought CD was to slow to offer proper gaming experiences(here they where flat out wrong). Super Mario 64 was a stellar game, but it was just one great game among the many the PS1 had to offer. For 3rd parties, it made more since to have CD sit on shelves VS. expensive carts when sales where bad, or if sales where good, it didn't take much time or money to make more copies, instead of the greater cost and time that carts brought to the table.

Place VirtualBoy here->No discussion required, we all know this story right?

Now we move on to Gamecube, and the market has Sony and Microsoft fighting for a piece of the pie. Here "N" failure was just an extension of the N64 failures. To many 3rd parties where making money with Sony, are getting money thrown their way by Microsoft, and "N" was the odd man out. I believe they came in second place far, far, behind Sony, but the only reason they beat the Xbox was their own 1st party titles.

Now we have Wii. Games where getting very complex for casual gamers, and ios and android weren't really on the scene in a major way, and the masses flocked to the simple idea of the Wii experience. I personally played games together with my family, and we had never played together in life. It was easy to understand and go with. The Wii sold fast and hard for almost 2 years.

Once sales died down, it was over. Casual gamers begin to move on to ios and android. Now the casual market has .99 cent games that are just as entertaining as the ones they where buying on the Wii for 20-40 dollars. Now the PS3 and 360 have been running a steady race, and are approaching the Wii's final sales numbers.

Now, we have WiiU. A decent machine, but the casual market is just that, "Casual". Everyone of my older relatives who bought a Wii, now has a tablet, smartphone, or Kindle Fire and they are more than happy to play 1-5 dollar games. This is where "N" is clueless. This is why half way thru the Wii's life cycle sales came to a complete halt. That market was no longer interested in what the Wii offered.

The Wiiu, should have been something completely different. What you may ask? I don't know, but what I do know is that what it is not the answer. I've been a Nintendo fan for 30+ years, and I have bought every new system/handheld at launch, and I even imported a few. The WiiU is of no interest to me, and I'm a gamer. The casual market is gone, and won't be back!

User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#4
because nintendo was too greedy with the wii U, trying to get both the casuals and hardcore and ended up getting lost in the mix
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User Info: Jumpmandk

4 years ago#5
OtakuGamera posted...
because nintendo was too greedy with the wii U, trying to get both the casuals and hardcore and ended up getting lost in the mix

Yeah, the only way they could get the casual market would have been to offer a cheap system with even cheaper games, which we all know will never happen. Then the Hardcore crowd really isn't interested in paying 300+ for out dated hardware with a poor tablet gimmick.

Now I'm sure the WiiU will shine when Zelda, Metroid, and 3D Mario are released, but these games are years away at best and there is nothing else to fill the void. I really believe the WiiU will be another N64 and Gamecube. It will sell to decent numbers, but it won't be a big money maker long term.

User Info: snake1989

4 years ago#6
Because casuals were never interested in upgrading. They have their Wiis, that's what attracted them, and chances are that's all they'll ever need. You can't count on a consumer base like that.
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User Info: sanas_thiritu

4 years ago#7
jumpmandk, excellent post. but I fear fanboys simply wouldn't understand that choosing casual gamers over the tried and tested true hardcore gamers only boomerangs back on them.
I find it really strange that Nintendo even chose to ignore the hardcore gamers last generation while the ps3 and xbox360 were fighting to appeal to the hardcore gamers with High Definition, great specs, etc

Perhaps Nintendo thought they can continue to make profits on the backs of these casual gamers who play like one game every 6 months.
didnt work in the long term at all..
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User Info: Jumpmandk

4 years ago#8
Nintendo's strongest area is their handheld division. This should be where they focus their most time and effort. I'll assume this is why they are combining their Console R&D with their handheld.

So this way they can try to bridge the gap, and bring more 3DS players to WiiU and more WiiU gamers to the 3DS. I personally don't think it's worth the effort at this point, but I applaud them in trying to do something different.

Sadly, "N" moves so slow in their development, that I feel any innovations that may come from the combining of resources may be to little to late. It may be a good long term strategy(for future systems), but only time will tell.

User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#9
Advertising and games. Making the system more known to the casuals since apparently they don't know games and create a game made for casuals and it'll bring in more sales to that group.
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