Post favorite U game that you are playing?

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User Info: Voelger

4 years ago#1
If you don't have one, don't post.

Mines Mass Effect 3
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

4 years ago#2
mine would be Nintendo Land.

I am very impressed with this game, I thought it was going to suck, but I keep wanting to play it...
and thus concludes my post.

User Info: tgbyhnaa

4 years ago#3

User Info: hellbringher

4 years ago#4
Doesn't post
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User Info: 1918me

4 years ago#5
Nintendo Land, at this point. The "min-games" are surprisingly deep, and I've found myself playing them much more than I thought I would.
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User Info: Inferno700

4 years ago#6
I am playing a little of several titles but what I will be playing most over the next few days would be Arkham City: Armoured Edition.

User Info: MR_Smarty_Pants

4 years ago#7
"Post favorite U game that you are playing?"

Obvious joke topic.
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User Info: EdoVandeKamp

4 years ago#8
Darksiders II
loving it...
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User Info: Machine 2d

Machine 2d
4 years ago#9
Nintendo land and blackops2.
to each his own

User Info: HELZERO

4 years ago#10
Still waitin for google maps
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