Consider this hypothetical...

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User Info: gilgamesh21

4 years ago#1
With the Gamepad, Nintendo is positioning itself to leave the "dedicated home console" market and just go the "super powerful plug-n-play portable" route.

An independent Gamepad you can take with you that's as powerful as a home console, can wirelessly link with other Gamepads for multiplayer and connect to any screen via various methods. HD/3D/multi-touch/NFC/Wi-Fi/headphone/etc..

Allowing them to stay in the game business, continue dominating the portable market, and still produce "big" games that can be played on a big screen. This cuts their costs because now they can focus on one system instead of two. One system that gives them the best of both worlds, indie games, small games, big games, third-party games, all portable.

How to keep the Gamepad wireless when connected to a big screen? Perhaps the Gamepad would come bundled with a "Nintendongle" that would hook into any big screen, featuring SD/HD/3D connectors.

They did just merge their home and portable development houses. Just an interesting thought.

I'm not saying this is where Nintendo is heading, but it is an option. What do you think?

User Info: DeathSoul2000

4 years ago#2
no. i don't want them to ditch the 3ds.

User Info: gilgamesh21

4 years ago#3
^Yeah, I understand what you mean, but this Gamepad could potentially have a second screen too.

User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#4
It would be interesting if the WiiU was a segue into making a home console that doubled as a portable that you could take with you wherever you go.
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User Info: Ki_cat_

4 years ago#5
Why have one form of major income when you can have 2? Systems don't sell at a loss.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: andrea987

4 years ago#6
Didn't think of that, but it does makes sense, in a way. And yes, it'll be only one source of income, but I'm sure more people would buy something that will save money in the end. After all, even the Vita now has graphics that can be compared to home consoles.
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User Info: diggyfresh

4 years ago#7
that's creative, but no. what you suggest would create a new risky brand by killing two existing brands that generate profit.

but maybe one day far in the future!
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User Info: Ki_cat_

4 years ago#8
That's very risky...If Nintendo wanted to just dominate one market, they would have done it/ What's a "fair" price in their eyes anyways? My guess would be $400+ which is not cheap. It's cheaper for consumers to choose two consoles and makes Nintendo more money to dish out the big guns later for consoles.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#9
All of this would require the gamepad to have the innards of a console, which it doesn't have and I'm sure if it did have this, the cost would go up exponentially.
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User Info: gilgamesh21

4 years ago#10
I wonder if it would use discs at all, or go download only? Ship games on high capacity SD cards?

They could introduce it and position it as a "third pillar" gaming device! And if it takes off, well, there you go, it was done before and Nintendo had no remorse in ditching the GameBoy branding when DS succeeded.

Interesting, but at this point, I too, can't see them leaving either market. This device would essentially be their product that would dominate the portable market space though.
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