A majority of gamers or just the Internet making noise?

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User Info: quickposter

4 years ago#1
Do a majority of gamers care about power or is it just the internet adding drama where there is none again? I see people on NeoGAF and Gamefaqs post the same theory time and time again but will this be reflected in the sales or are you just assuming to speak for the majority?

Going off history the weakest system has generally been the most successful so I am leaning towards 10 - 20 forum posters making it seem like power matters. N64, Jaguar (proclaimed to be a supremely powerful system), Xbox, Gamecube, PSP, PS3, Vita.

Personally you aren't speaking for me because I buy systems for the games.
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User Info: YoyokuKO

4 years ago#2
its the internet.
but understand that in this day in age, the internet has become why too influential

User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#3
It's just noise.

Those who care about power have powerful PC's that can run circles around consoles. Me personally, I couldn't care less about power but I've wised up after this gen and get the vast majority of games that are multi platform on PC. Graphics aside, most games are worse on consoles, don't have all the DLC, and never get mods. The combination of this for me is unacceptable at this point (I believe Dungeon Defenders is the game that made me crack) and the better graphics on all multi platform games is an added bonus.
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User Info: poo111111111111

4 years ago#4
The Noisy people on the internet.

It's a vicious cycle. Most of the same points being brought up (Lack of Games. Poor Sales, Third Party Support) are all of the same steps we saw with the start of the 360/PS3/Wii. And recently with the 3DS and PSV. And now with the Wii U.

I don't doubt there'll be people complaining about the lack of games on the PS4/Xbox 3 while they struggle to sell in the first few months till the big stuff come around.

User Info: IcedEarthaholic

4 years ago#5
^ this

And it has especially gotten way out of hand on these boards.
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User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#6
IcedEarthaholic posted...
^ this

And it has especially gotten way out of hand on these boards.

Yup. I don't know a single site that would tolerate the amount of trolling and outright crap that goes on here.
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User Info: Helmsly2008

4 years ago#7
Just the internet. I remember before the PS3 came out, people saying the 360 and the Wii would be left in the dust because the PS3 would many times more powerful. It didn't exactly work out like that in the end.

User Info: Zato Infinite

Zato Infinite
4 years ago#8
Nah the sales numbers speak for themselves.

User Info: MordecaiRocks

4 years ago#9
Mostly trolls that have nothing better to do.
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