What are the top 3 Wii U games that are a must have?

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4 years ago#1
Topic. Pretty much if i go out right now and buy a Wii U, what games are a "must have" at the moment. I play anything really genre don't even matter.

User Info: OMG_AIDS

4 years ago#2

Also Mighty Switch Force HD and Nano Assault Neo on the eshop
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User Info: MarioMan847

4 years ago#3
NSMBU. Nintendo Land. ZombiU.

Play those until Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate comes out, and you're set.
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User Info: Brent0620

4 years ago#4
New Super Mario Bros. U
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User Info: TangoBunny

4 years ago#5
NintendoLand... and... um...

I think that's it. NSMBU if you can find it cheap I guess? I wouldn't pay too much for it though. I definitely can't think of a third 'must have' game though.

Most of the other games are either ports or not that great at this point in time. We're all still waiting until the 'must have' games are announced.
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User Info: -Damien-

4 years ago#7
1. ???
2. ???
3. ???

User Info: EasterEggHunter

4 years ago#8
Those are about it. It's not really the greatest time to get a Wii u with the game shortage but if those games satisfy you get one by all means.
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