Transfer Question. Please help!

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User Info: str2012

4 years ago#1
I've spent a good deal of time playing Skyward Sword on my Wii U. My question is this. If I now do a transfer from my old wii to the Wii U, will it overwrite all of the saves on my new Wii U? Or will it delete the new Zelda save only if I have a previous Zelda save on the old Wii? Or if I delete the Zelda file on my old Wii, will it overwrite everything BUT the new Zelda file on the Wii U?

I know these questions are confusing but do you see my problem? If anyone knows anything about something like this, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

User Info: drewh

4 years ago#2
Why don't you backup your saves to an external drive to be safe? That's what I would do. Otherwise, I feel the Wii U would warn you if any saves were being overwritten. Could you imagine the backlash if it didn't?

Hope that helps!
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User Info: picano

4 years ago#3
From what I understand, it'll overwrite duplicate data (saves, friend codes) but leave any other stuff alone.

Maybe something in there will answer your question?
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