Why sell the Wii U at this point?

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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#31
sythe343 posted...
HELZERO posted...
fhsfootball74 posted...
DDP886 posted...
Because there is no games for this unit

There is well over 30 games available after 3 months with more to launch next month. In the same time span Xbox 360 and PS3 had far less. Not to mention you have access to the entire Wii catalog along with all its VC games.

Ya but Wiis 30 games are mostly ports or games that are frankly not very interesting. The 30 games that came out for 360/ps3 were new games to the gen.

That's not true. Most of the PS3 launch titles were multiplat ports from 360...most of 360's launch titles were PS2 and Xbox ports with an HD finish.

Yup people have real short memories it seems since THE biggest complaint about the PS3 in it's first 2 years was that it had no games and it was going to die blah blah blah...sound familiar? I remember when people were buying PS3's because they were the cheapest blu-ray player (at the time) and maybe it might get some games down the road ;p
360 was in the same boat as the wii u with the devs waiting for the competition to release their new consoles before making a real effort on the "next gen". 360 was pretty much all ports of EA sports games and PC games the first year...nothing exciting.
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