Nintendo's best console.

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User Info: mashu

4 years ago#11
Could it be anything other than the SNES? I mean really. If that wasn't on the list it would be a very hard choice for me between the N64 and the GC, with the GC coming out on top.

User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#12
N64. SNES is a close second.
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User Info: Voelger

4 years ago#13
I had to choose GameCube even though it lacked games. I'm 32, so I remember and loved the Nes and Snes, but 3 of my top five or six games of all time are from the GameCube.
1. Metroid Prime
2. Zelda Wind Waker
3. Resident Evil Remake
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User Info: Empiror

4 years ago#14
Tsutarja495 posted...
Nintendo DS
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User Info: Dr_Facer

4 years ago#15
The SNES is where it was at.

All Nintendo consoles are good, but the SNES is where many of the big N franchises were born or really took off, also, strong competition meant the games were much better.

User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#16
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