A little reading to better undertand why the Wii U is like it is.

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User Info: Arcadia__person

4 years ago#11
It has the added bonus of making devs happy because they know for sure what hardware the consumer has, avoiding all sorts of problems that come from the nearly infinite setups that the average joe might have at home.

This is hugely important. The reason (in my opinion anyway, as I've never been a fan of PC games in general) that PC games don't live up to their potential is that it's just so difficult to develop for PC. People have God knows how many different combinations of CPU's, GPU's, operating systems, system settings, etc, and it is just not possible to develop optimal games for so many different platforms.

Moreover, the vast, vast majority of people do not have truly high end systems. So yeah, you can develop your super futuristic, high-tech game, but most people won't be able to run it. Alternatively, you can develop something that works for a larger portion PC's, but then you have something that is considerably lower-tech and is also not optimized for any architecture in particular, hurting performance even more.

Personally, I probably upgrade computers every four or five years, and I buy something mid-range whenever I upgrade. That means that it's pretty rare that I can really run a new PC game. I much prefer consoles, where I can buy just one or two consoles every several years and know that it will flawlessly run games for its entire life.
"Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit." -Skies of Arcadia

User Info: GEKGanon

4 years ago#12
The problem with saying the pC "master race" is that the majority of games are console focused. Even the big pc exclusives are usually designed for lower end builds. So the master race is living off of console scraps

That doesn't really address the point at all. Console tech is still an embarrassment compared to PCs, so for people to praise PS4/720 for being "console good" is absurd.
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  3. A little reading to better undertand why the Wii U is like it is.

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