One of the wii u's biggest games will not support it's best feature...

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User Info: Waggy17

4 years ago#131
TheBonfini posted...
Baha05 posted...
TheBonfini posted...
If you can't see the difference between a console that is advertised as being able to play games off screen on the gamepad and some games not having online modes even though PSN exists I can't take you seriously.

All I am saying is the game pad is part of the damn console and an advertised feature is that is has off screen play on the tablet. It is one of the coolest features of the game and I don't like how it is left in developers hands to decide.

I think this is just a business decision by Capcom that some suit thought might increase sales on the 3DS version if people want to play it small screen. Even though the range on the pad keeps you in your house anyways.

I don't care what hundreds of other games won't have off screen capability. I think they ALL should. Nothing the gamepad does or interacts with the TV that makes both necessary right now.

Oh I can tell the difference, the thing is though it wasn't advertized that ALL games would utilize this feature.

And yeah I agree that it sucks they aren't using it, big mistake? Maybe but forcing devs to use the feature might be a bigger mistake.

Nintendo advertised that the Wii-U can play games on the gamepad. The fact that it is in developers hands and they can make that not happen is what isn't the best decision by Nintendo.

There has to be some features of a console that should be mandatory. I thought that this was one of them. I admit I was misinformed about that, apparently. But I definitely thought I heard multiple statements from Nintendo building up to launch that you could do off screen play with Wii-U.

It was basically the feature I was going to use to justify my purchase. Now that I heard rumours Sony might be charging online fees to play online it won't matter either way, I will just get the Wii-U cuz I hate those type of tactics from giant conglomerates.

You apparently need a better understanding of what the words "can" and "could" mean. Those statements are still relevant today, but Nintendo has clarified numerous times that what this means is that it's certainly an option for the developer and that not all games will support it. You can state your opinion that this feature should be mandatory and that's fine, but the other side of that assertion is that developers are then forced to not include other features or ideas because their game has to support off TV play.
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  3. One of the wii u's biggest games will not support it's best feature...

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