Why I think Wii U is not selling....

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User Info: Solnot

4 years ago#1
Originally released was a lot of expectations that new hardware, where it has become possible to become sober assessment. As time passed, the imperfections of the Wii U is now noticeable.

First, I take the money anyway. There are some others that will also depend on the person. But it takes money from people entering or Wii U peripherals are not aligned with Wii. Was about 8-9 million in total spending of a few two sets, server, Pro controller, HDD external, wired adapter, soft, premium set, seal protection set, such as a game pad cover. I'm not saying never exaggerated. Wii U people to buy from, it'd be a good idea is to keep in mind is that some people, that there is a considerable expenditure before they play comfortably. In children this is, of course, is a general allowance of salaryman father, it is then you are probably not buying.

The game pad is a symbol of Wii U. I feel this is a double-edged sword indeed. I may be two screens if the status screen 2, such as those linked to as 3DS, it will be able to see the screen there are two away physically a game pad and television, it is very difficult I found the well. And I instability and some distance away. Because with only about 3-4 hours battery also, the results, I have settled on the style of stab leave the adapter closer to the body. In addition, the screen of the game pad, only a lousy game that just shed the same as TV, with this, the raison d'etre of the game at the moment I think the pads have not faded.

Furthermore, it is incomprehensible that it does not come with a wired LAN. I think this LAN wireless interference spree but very crowded, and there are a lot of family housing is especially reliance wired LAN. Wired LAN that is not equipped with a whopping essential. It is the slow incredulous eyes as well as up to 10Mbps using the adapter yet. I can not see straight stop bubble wrap as well as watch the video and notice in the "Nintendo e shop" Thanks Wii U. Not support that even if you switch to 5GHz wireless radio of peace and to avoid congestion, (very fast without complaint large home is a way light line) specification has become helpless. I do not understand it at all it would be no big deal in cost. Take so much stuff with unaccounted such thing as NFC, will you should not be built in a wired LAN is a basic of basics first.

Then, when you pointed out that from the point holds any other HD device (PS3, Xbox 360), I think that the performance does not change with the current generation machine. Rather, such as CoD is much feel like a lot of hate for example freeze than current generation machine. Are you the capabilities of the next-generation Princess I really can not help but feel the doubt. Freeze issue has been reported from all over the world over the internet. Since I can not write here, who care about it is good are searched for, "Wii U freeze" is either view, such as Youtube. Forced to consider the purchase decision but it is often these days there is a precision machine, freeze problem that has also been reported this machine. However, we should also be introduced in conjunction with Nintendo support that very good reputation.

Then, I can not work or is confusing with so many software can be used by the controller. Over a wide variety of game pad, remote controller, nunchuk, server, Motion Plus, input system (including sensors), etc. I do not know at this point, I am even more complicated from here. For example, you can use the Pro controller, in Mario, I can not use. You can not use or use by the software, and so on, I'm ready to do not know the reason. I would have, such as people who are fully understood. I think there will be good not only gamepad. Well, but support the Wii U game pad, it is not compatible with the software of Wii. As well as a game pad, you must have the remote control, if you do it with friends and family to Mario, Pro controller is not required, for example. I'm sorry ... I do not understand lines and servers. And so on, it is very difficult.

User Info: Solnot

4 years ago#2
Less the most deadly soft point, only Nintendo software is that it has been and lineup. HD machine, but there are many third-party software appealing, they do not feel the atmosphere is likely to be released at the moment. For example, there is likely to be out the latest installment of the blockbuster GTA software that will be released this fall. I also of course great Nintendo software, each and every time, I am feeling the same thing only honest Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, such as. Would you not think, "also the same pattern anyway." I wonder how on earth is exceedingly Are there any people who are attracted Mario graphics are good, Zelda, Pokemon, etc.. I feel I want you to get to supply the software more to third parties because it took out the machine HD much trouble, and do not become a fatal flaw in the machine HD fewer third-party software. I'll write the software will be released at the moment of reference.

Although there is talk of not leaving, following (this pattern of about only 10 in 2013). Release Date pending software and this is the state number. I think it is important for the game machine software lineup anyway. Software is especially important rather than how to use a media player, Wii U because they are specific to the game, especially almost. Yet, I struggle to understand Before this dismal situation, why did not struck the hand so that they do not do this. I just hope that seems good to buy a Wii U, and I hope to improve as soon as possible.

I will be briefly summarized as follows, including other disadvantages.
• Less soft (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc. I'm full ...)
• There is a freezing problem (not only the body, but also the game itself pads)
- It takes money to start dash
-I bought I can not immediately (hell update)
· LAN cable is not installed (unstable online play)
(Even though the standard age of 3.0) that are not equipped with the USB3.0
-I do not pick up on the 5GHz band wireless LAN who should have pressed the wireless LAN
(All the way to receive other interference band only because they can not use 2.4Ghz) unstable wireless LAN
Sound, disk read and very loud
(You can of course in other HD machine) you can not install the disk data
Battery of the game pad has only about 3-4 hours
(Do not know the reason about complex) there is a controller that can be used or not used by the game
• When you buy from Wii U, have too much money going out further would be to buy a remote control, etc.
System is too slow, and switching of the screen menu
· There are times when the game pad and body connection becomes unstable
· Built-in storage capacity is too small (cost external HDD piling)
Version is too high, DL (this price is wrong with the direct sales)
(Such as wireless LAN please in huge files ...) are too slow to Download.

It is also not just a bad point in any way. I also felt good point. As a good point,
• The screen of the game pad was more beautiful than I imagined (I was surprised)
(I think I was more heavy) felt lighter than imagined game pad
(In HD is the most compact machine) installation space and not be too
· That it is quiet DL version (that you can not install the disk media is therefore a shame)
(Fun to look at a picture you) such as Miiverse.

I think the future, and I want to be better than the current situation will continue to improve the point that can be improved, but I feel that it is not without point that seems to have a problem with the hardware design itself. There would be no way to remove the other one had on the hardware design. I think (just not equipped with wired LAN ... but you feel that it is error of judgment very large tails much) whether it is not a lot of others, however, can be managed in a system update, how far am I from being improved, the user. We depend on how seriously or listen to the voice, I think you are looking at it carefully many users.

User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#3
Why i dont care what you think....
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User Info: hollow-sasuke

4 years ago#4
Lack of games.

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User Info: FFnut

4 years ago#5
Solnot posted...
it is incomprehensible
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User Info: Solnot

4 years ago#6
The Image of Nintendo, the only entertainment was that children, rather than user interests, rather than shareholders than adults, it is not quite as regrettable. I hope to have been concerned only with whether or not the unit will return to the so-called Dark Ages after the SNES Wii, and I want to improve as soon as possible. Also look to the untrained eye, the result of a rushed release, feeling that was left out not firmly comes through with severely. I like being seen to fall into a subtle presence in various ways, especially gamepad. I think the next game pad how to improve, how are alive, and might become the dead line of this unit if you were to live or die.

User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#7
Lack of games dude, 3DS didn't have many games at first and now look how well it's selling 2 years later.
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User Info: Kaleliskalel

4 years ago#9
because they shot themselves in the foot with this stupid motion control plague that has diseased the gaming world to the point that sony and MS felt obligated to try and adopt. Having shunned true gamers and chasing them away to the consoles that still cared about their core fanbase. Now the new nintendo console isnt getting the attention from the casuals who made them rich over the past decade nor from the core gamers because nintendo gave is the finger in the name of profits.
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User Info: hollow-sasuke

4 years ago#10
Kaleliskalel posted...
because they shot themselves in the foot with this stupid motion control plague that has diseased the gaming world to the point that sony and MS felt obligated to try and adopt. Having shunned true gamers and chasing them away to the consoles that still cared about their core fanbase. Now the new nintendo console isnt getting the attention from the casuals who made them rich over the past decade nor from the core gamers because nintendo gave is the finger in the name of profits.

Omg LACK OF GAMES. If Nintendo had one decent release at launch, the console would have sold like hotcakes; preferable first-party. Something like Zelda, SSB, or even a revitalized IP. It's been like that over the past 3 generations; Mario 64, SSBM, Twilight Princess. All reasons to purchase each respective Nintendo console. This time there's nothing but third-party game ports and another New Super Mario Bros, which is pretty much the same game that was on the Wii and 3DS. Console is fine, touchpad controller is fine, online services are fine. We just need games simple as that.
"My eyes red cause of all that hate" @_@
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