So much for the whole "PS4 Graphics is going to DESTROY Wii U Graphics"

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User Info: john7281

4 years ago#211
I will say the games will blow Wii U out of the water but not right now though it didn't. I only saw the videos on Youtube of Killzone, Infamous: the next son, and the one game from the braid person. None of those looked that much better than anything I've already played on the ps3 or 360. Heck Witcher 2 looked more impressive to me than Killzone, and Infamous, and I was completely unimpressed with that Braid game, not sure what it was called. I will say I believe ps4 will blow the Wii U out of the water, but that is because nintendo comes out early and doesn't focusing on trying to make the most powerful system out there, just one they think will be fun and bring people together.

User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#212
nintendoguy91 posted...
ahaha people put these fanboy goggles off. Really? PS4 graphics destroyed WiiU graphics! Don't know what presentation you have been watching...


Now I'm sure the Wii U graphics will look great in the years to come also. As well the PS4 will continue to develop.
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User Info: Dasendrix

4 years ago#213
The leap isn't as big as I thought it would, so I'm quite happy to say the WiiU won't be as much behind as I thought so. What impressed me though is the fact that lots on the screen can happen, like, a LOT, and the framerate is not dropping at all. Everything was really fluid, and this is what caught my eyes immediately.

User Info: Ghost-inZeShell

4 years ago#214
Ritster21 posted...
Looks like a PS2 vs Gamecube Scenario.

Looks like the PS3 vs Wii, to me.

User Info: MotleyKhon

4 years ago#215
What's really hillarious about this is that you all call yourself gamers.

Yet you bicker about graphics.

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User Info: bksonic123

4 years ago#216
Not trolling, but I need to see games which I really want on both systems.

Where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII?
Where is The Legend of Zelda Wii U?
Where is The Last Guardian?
Where is the next Smash Bros.?

I was actually sooo annoyed when that Square Enix guy came up on stage; I thought this was finally the time for Versus to shine...

...but no, we get the same demo they showed last year.


User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#217
Well, I'm not sure about the GPU but

8 Core CPU

Though i expect the PS4 to be a 1500$ console because of how powerful it is

User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#218
The Wii U has much better games then the PS4 and the PS4 doesn't look that much better. in my opinion Pikmin 3 looks better then anything they should because it looks different. Most of the games they showed just look the same.

User Info: striderx1981

4 years ago#219
You know what makes me really mad.. most of us were nintendo heads FROM THE BEGINNING.. there was no playstation or xbox back in the day. if you are 25-or older you understand.. how can we sit here and talk so bad about NINTENDO when we praised them for having the greatest games for the nintnedo and snes.. I am more of a nintendo fan,, but i play all three.. each system has there pros and cons.. but we all have to admit one thing.. ALL THREE HAVE AT LEAST 2 OR MORE GAMES WE WANT TO PLAY. everybody is judging the Wii U but for gods sake its just came out, the SOFTWARE IS LOW RIGHT NOW so of course its not gonna sell.. let PS4 come out with no great software.. and you see how many it will sell

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DID YOU SEE HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR PS3 TO FINALLY SELL!!!!! look at the wii it has the crapiest graphics EVER but it still manage to sell 100 million.. think about the snes and the genesis back in the day.. the graphics.. were simple, and slow BUT THE GAMES WERE THE BEST.. but now we have all these HD GRAPHICS AND POWERFUL SYSTEMS.. but the games lack good story-lines.. they take forever to come out.. etc etc for instance.. what the hell happen to final fantasy.. and RESIDENT evil franchise and they keep getting worse.. yes graphics and power are great but lets demand BETTER GAMES.... stop bashing who is gonna be better and enjoy the games

User Info: Tuggboat1121

4 years ago#220
I'm a huge WiiU fan, and the PS4 graphics def look better than WiiU. I don't think it's the huge jump people were thinking, but they look like high end PC graphics. I still think the WiiU will be just fine and end up becoming a hit, but anyone who is trying to say the PS4 graphics aren't better are in denial.
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