So the PS4 is the WiiU 2.0?

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User Info: ballmonster

4 years ago#1
I made the mistake of buying all 3 of last gen's consoles over the course of the generation, and never used the Wii or PS3 aside from about 5 exclusives each. So this gen I'm only getting 1 console and want the one that gets the best multiplatform games.

So now with the PS4 having a controller-screen, being much more powerful, and having the whole take-the-controller-to-another-room-and-keep-playing thing the WiiU has, what's the point of the WiiU? The last few Zelda's have been meh and I never need to play another Mario game in my life. So if we're talking about an actual console with ALL its games and not just a few samey Nintendo exclusives, isnt the PS4 just the WiiU 2.0? And who knows how the next Xbox will fair.........better? Worse?
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#2
Well, if you don't like Mario or Zelda, you probably won't want to get a Nintendo console.

But still, I feel like the Wii U is more focused and simpler. You turn it on and play.

But if you like all the bells and whistles, the PS4 sounds like your console.
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User Info: kamikaze135

4 years ago#3
The PS4 is looking much better, imo. However, I suggest you wait till at least E3 to determine what to buy. By then we'll know about more games, features, and more info on the system itself. And by then, Nintendo will have announced some more games and Wii U features as well.
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User Info: Stealthlys

4 years ago#4
If you dislike mario, and zelda, you'll hate most nintendo products.

User Info: Aiddon

4 years ago#5
uh, the PS4 doesn't HAVE a screen on the Dualshock, it has a touch PAD.

User Info: ixoria

4 years ago#6
PS4 is getting all the 3rd party support, WIi U almost nonexistence 3rd party.

User Info: kingbadjo

4 years ago#7
if you're all about facebook youtube and twitter and enjoyed the ps3 than ps4 is the system for you.

since ps4 is the ps3+social media.

There aren't really any differences on the ps4 from the ps3 other than more focus on social media.

Wii U offers a new way to play games I guess (well once the games get here)
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User Info: Soeroah

4 years ago#8
Yup. Sony was so shameless in copying Nintendo, they even copied the whole "show the controller but not the system" concept Nintendo used at E3.
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User Info: andrea987

4 years ago#9
If you're talking about the price, I'll agree. It'll probably be double the Wii U price, or thereabout. Powerwise, it seems to be around 4 times the Wii U, which isn't very much (360 was around 20 times the Wii). So yeah, I'll stick with the U for the next couple of years, then I'll see what the PS4 library has to offer me. Nothing I've seen really excited me, the only titIe I might like was Deep Down (Capcom), and even that wasn't impressive.
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User Info: X_Roxas_X

4 years ago#10
Soeroah posted...
Yup. Sony was so shameless in copying Nintendo, they even copied the whole "show the controller but not the system" concept Nintendo used at E3.

Nintendo did actually have the Wii U system shown at E3, they just never explicitly showed it on stage, and no one was sure if it was the final version or not. But they did have them at the demo booths in plain sight.
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