Wii U vs PS4: A point by point breakdown

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User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#1
For reasons I can't even begin to fathom, Nintendo 'fans' walked away from the Sony conference and thought Sony did badly. Somehow. So lets go down the list for both systems/companies.

1. The hardware -

Wii U - The Wii U was designed by Nintendo, for Nintendo, and in complete secrecy. We know they excluded all 3rd parties from this process, and its especially apparent given the 3rd parties frustrated reaction to the final hardwares very terrible architecture. The meager 2 GB of RAM, only 1 of which may be used for games, which is very slow at that, and has a very VERY weak bandwidth. As well as the weak custom CPU which seems to be an extension of the broadway with some overclocking.

PS4 - Sony actually worked directly with 3rd parties during the entire development of the PS4 and gained as much feedback as possible, on what developers wants and needs were in a next playstation. As a result, the system has the easiest to use and program for architecture, x86. It also has 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM, whose bandwidth makes it like a starship jumping to lightspeed while the Wii U is sputtering along on a country back road in a buggy.

Winner - PS4

2. The features -

Wii U - The Wii U, again, suffers from Nintendo trying to force their own apple like bubble world upon gamers, with a shoddy Nintendo homunculus of a Facebook/Twitter type social network. The only other feature is off tv play, which isn't really a true feature since it is not universal and hardly any games support it. The gamepad, sadly was Nintendos weak and lazy effort to try and hook people into buying the cheaply made system based on a shiny gimmick. And this has failed since no game has really legitimized the gamepad screen as an innovative feature with very practical utility. Theres TVii, but it needs to go through your cable box, only certain cable companies are on board so support is very sparse, and your cable box already has an interactive guide if you live in present day. A redundant 'feature', if there ever was one.

PS4 - Sony isn't really a bastion of innovation typically, so its very surprising to see them one up Nintendo this time around and be the one bringing new actually attractive features to the table. The PS4 gives the ability to pause a game mid play, go into a low power sleep mode, then resume play later at the exact point you left it. The system also apparently boots up right away, and this sleep mode makes getting into the game even faster since you never truly have to shut the system down. On top of this, the PS4 offers the ability to watch friends playing their games live in real time, and you can even co opt control of their game from YOUR console. A feature that may very well get rid of forced co-op designs in games that should not have them, as anyone that wants to play with a friend can merely switch off control of the game on the fly and take turns and play through a game together, from two seperate locations. Definitely an innovative and interesting feature to be sure. On top of this, you can also easily livestream your gaming to Ustream in real time, and also upload specific clips of live gameplay at will at any time. Also, the PS4 instead of trying to force its own weird social network, uses the already existing popular social media sites and hooks into them instead,such as facebook and twitter. Then theres the downloadable content innovations, with games playable while they download, as well as predictive systems that can preload in the background the next game you are most likely to be interested in, making subsequent transactions seamless and fast.

Winner - PS4
Guardian Gamer X
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User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#2
3. 3rd party support -

Wii U - Its no secret that Nintendo has been burning 3rd parties left and right since the NES days, and it seems relations have only become more and more strained as time went on, culminating during the Wiis release and lifetime. Nintendo hides new hardware features from developers that would of used them to make their games better, because Nintendo would spite any 3rd party developer before allowing anyone else to use their new features first, or better than they planned to first. Added to this is Nintendos legendary arrogance towards 3rd, and even 1st parties that were not from japan, which has driven away Rare, as well as all the key talent at Retro Studios, whom went on to work with other companies such as 343, the makers of Halo 4. This also extends to Nintendo giving devs very poor toolsets and devtools support, again due to Nintendo treating 3rd parties as something they are competing against, and so they play dirty and give them the short end of the stick as to ensure their own first party games look and sell the best on their hardware. Many 3rd party developers have gone on record as saying Nintendo has terrible relations with them, gives them poor devtool support, going so far as to say they fight them tooth and nail, as well as saying only Nintendo makes money on their own platform. This has led to virtually almost all 3rd parties to publicly say they are taking a 'wait and see' approach with Wii U, which basically means 'we already know what its like putting a game on their platform, we didn;t make money last time, they fought us on tool support, we can't even turn a profit with a 96 million userbase on Wii, because only Nintendo sells on a Nintendo platform'. And on top of this, Nintendo refuses to play ball and pay for exclusives, which is a vital strategic move to have an edge on the competition.

PS4 - They made every effort to reach out to developers in the making of the PS4, and work with 3rd parties in every way they can to facilitate good relations. This can obviously be seen in the presentation that just occurred, since not only does sony have the backing of almost every 3rd party in the book, but they equipped them with proper devtools for ps4 early enough that they actually have working real time game alphas/betas that look amazing, and the system is still a year away from release. Meanwhile Nintendo had yet to even get devs proper remotely final dev kits mere months before the systems launch, and a year before launch they had literally nothing to show. Hell, they had damn near nothing to show this LAST e3.

Winner - PS4
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User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#3
4. Reveal/Presentation -

This one doesn't even require much breakdown. Gamers and consumers alike know what to expect from a GOOD presentation. Theres certain expectations. Sonys first showing of PS4 brought out ATTRACTIVE FEATURES, and not only tons of visually stunning games, but also several new interesting fresh IPs. This is how you sell a system. Nintendo meanwhile, had one terribly weak e3, and the following e3 they had nothing of worth to show new, no new innovative IPs. Instead they just showed visually weak rehashes of New super mario, a pikmin retread that spent most of its dev life on Wii, and a bunch of casual garbage like singing games, and the game that nobody cared about that they decided to have as their keystone time waster, Nintendo land. Sonys presentation and offerings categorically blew Nintendos doors off in every single possible regard. Sony brought AAA games and killer apps to the table from the gate, while Nintendo fumbled around with standard fare average retreads of the same old games they have been milking for decades, with looks of no effort put into them to blow peoples minds or innovate or create something new and amazing.

Winner - PS4

Conclusion -

At the end of the day, Nintendo has alot to learn these days. They are stuck in their ways, and are being too stubborn and resistant to change. They need to get their act together and learn to play ball and be aggressive and cut the crap with the secrecy and the poor relations with 3rd parties. Sadly it looks as if Nintendo went the greedy cheap and lazy route thinking they could get away with murder twice and have some casual explosion again, but everyone but them knew that wouldn't happen. And now they're paying for that shortsighted greed and arrogance. Its too late for the Wii U at this point, Nintendo put all their eggs in the selfserving gimmick filled basket, they rolled the dice and they lost. For anyone without common sense, you don't need a crystal ball to know the Wii Us future. It will have a slow trickle of first party games, and may end up with a shorter life span than the Wii due to how badly Nintendo undershot itself in developing it, with how the competition is looking.

I never thought I'd see the day where sony was the one bringing innovations and things I wanted to the table, and slam dunking with game presentations, while Nintendo flounders and has nothing at all. It definitely feels like Bizarro world hahaha.

I can only hope that the Wii U lives long enough to see monoliths X and such. Though right now, in terms of software and competition, the Wii U is worse off than the dreamcast was against the PS2s impending launch. At least the DC had assloads of amazing 1st and 3rd party games, from the gate. From launch day. Dunno wtf Nintendos doing but they seem to have no idea either. I wouldn't be surprised if the shareholders moved to have them kill the system very early in its life and go back to the drawing board, cut the bull****, reform their idiotic ways and start matching sony and ms in terms of hardware approach and 3rd party relations. It'd be the first smart thing they've done in a good 6 or 7 years.
Guardian Gamer X
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User Info: StanierPacific

4 years ago#4
What were Nintendo thinking? Iwata must be mong.

User Info: kangle4

4 years ago#5
First party games

Winner - Wii U
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User Info: rhiebert80

4 years ago#6
Maybe sony will buy nintendo and show them how to make a good console and games on a amazing system.

I want to like nintendo, but the wii itself had to little of games for me to trust them. Face it,Nintendo consoles is poop. They are a hand held company now.

User Info: XRay2984

4 years ago#7
Assuming we know EVERYTHING about a console that was announced less than 8 hours ago... smooth. Can't believe you took the time to type all that.
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User Info: noname2lazy

4 years ago#8
Lol it was probably not a good idea posting this on the Wii U board.

User Info: Sirian_Hawk

4 years ago#9
For reasons I can't even begin to fathom, Nintendo 'fans' walked away from the Sony conference and thought Sony did badly.

Go to the PS4 board. A lot of the Sony fans think Sony did badly. Nice try on the trolling though... which reminds me. Why are you not on my ignore list yet?
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User Info: jjacobsnd5

4 years ago#10

Wii U: Being sold at a loss for 350 dollars.

PS4: It is more powerful than Wii U with many more bells and whistles. 500+ dollars confirmed!

Winner: Nintendo.
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