If Nintendo went out of business, how great would it affect the game industry?

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  3. If Nintendo went out of business, how great would it affect the game industry?

User Info: darkqueenhelba

4 years ago#1
List some possible scenarios.
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User Info: DarthFloaty

4 years ago#2
It would probably lead to a crash of game sales, because by the time Nintendo goes out, we'll already be there.

User Info: shotgunheadshot

4 years ago#3
I think Sony is the one that should be going out.
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-PSP GO failed
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-Vita seems to be failing
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User Info: Crazy_tank51

4 years ago#4
I'd stop buying consoles because it would become a pointless powerfest, PR and trolls would see to that "See? Ninty didn't play power, they failz. We need more power"

Plus we'd have to rely on Vita and IO-friggin-S for handheld games *shudder*
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User Info: rajin_donuts

4 years ago#5
That all depends on what the game industry looks like when Nintendo goes out of business. If the industry changed to such an extent that Nintendo was forced out of the market by other competitors, then Nintendo going out of business may not have a large affect.

User Info: EnVy_CaLiBeR

4 years ago#6
Moar power. Moar FPS.
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User Info: cucumberking

4 years ago#7
If Nintendo goes under I will prolly just stop buying new games and just play the classics to be honest. Without Nintendo to copy, the industry will turn into something ugly.

User Info: pixel378

4 years ago#8
It would hurt pretty bad If Nintendo or Sony stepped out. Microsoft could be filled by a better competetitor.
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User Info: icarus231

4 years ago#9
Chances of this are slimmer then a zombie apocalypse

User Info: Citan22

4 years ago#10
nintendo would be gone, but their games would live on.. in spirit at least. those developers would still need jobs, and they'd QUICKLY be scooped up by microsoft or sony.. and every time one of their games came out, you could bet it'd be accompanied by a tagline like: "from former Nintendo director/ producer/ team/ etc.."
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  3. If Nintendo went out of business, how great would it affect the game industry?

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