why is mario alot more "legendary" compared to pong again?

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  3. why is mario alot more "legendary" compared to pong again?

User Info: TheGreatUnown

4 years ago#11
Baha05 posted...
Because Mario is a character?

I think Pong is a pretty cool guy. Eh plays a watered down version of table tennis and doesn't afraid of anything.
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User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#12
RahzarX posted...
mario isnt legendary because of how old it is

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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#13
From: TheMisfit | #008
Mario has evolved as a character greatly since the Donkey Kong arcade. Pong has neither evolved or is a character of any kind.

Pong has made a huge impact in gaming, but it doesn't continuously do so, like Mario does.

Mario hasn't made a "huge impact" since Mario 64, btw

User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#14
I swear some people are born without a brain, but somehow function just well enough to post a thread on this board.
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  3. why is mario alot more "legendary" compared to pong again?

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